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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

I'm on the fence about capital punishment. I know. I know. 'Fucking fence sitters', but I would prefer to walk a line appose to ignorantly stepping to one side or the other. And I haven't really given the subject its deserved diligence, like perhaps many of you have.

In most cases, I would say I'm against it, because of this:
Originally Posted by Mal View Post
The only problem I have with the capital punishment is the possibility of wrongful convictions.
Not having the power to give life back to the dead, makes it seem irrational to take it. Particularly if there is the possibility, albeit slim, that a mistake could be made. It seems much more prudent to afford the necessary effort needed, to identify and root out the causes of such criminal behavior. Its kind of upsetting to think that so many go threw life as law abiding citizens, simply to retains ones freedom.

On the other side of the curve. I may be inclined to think if a criminal has shown a blatant disregard for his fellow mans life, then his own may be forfeited. But as was mentioned that really doesn't fix anything, except perhaps to give a sense retribution and satisfaction. Which isn't akin justice.
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