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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Jaxon View Post
If you accept that as government's mandate, then that means you're fine with losing all personal freedoms. "Protecting its citizens in the most efficient way possible" has resulted in the Patriot act, "justification" for two foreign wars and the international stigmatisation of US citizens in the last decade alone.
It might be able to be used as a justification, but I don't think it actually justifies what they have done. Regardless of whether the wars were practical or not, they are fought in the most impractical way possible.

I also don't see how I would be fine with losing all personal freedoms. There is a certain amount of freedom that citizens have to have so that their government is actually protecting them, and not endangering them. The government is made up of citizens, too, meaning that they are also a danger to other citizens. When I mean that a government's job is to protect its citizens, I mean that it ought to protect from outside forces, as well as each other. Plus, government is necessary for there to be any freedom.

These are personal ethics, yes, but so is the view that someone who takes a life forfeits the right to their own.
I value my own existence. People ought to value their own existence, since it is necessary that they value it prior to valuing anything else, (valuing anything else predetermines that they value their own existence). In order to keep my life from being war-stricken, it is practical to form a pact of nonaggression with others. There will be people who disagree, and it is the job of everyone who wants a society of nonaggression, to subdue those who want to initiate force. That is just what you get from valuing your own existence, first and foremost.
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