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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

It's simple. People like me are destined to hold the weight of the world on our shoulders, while the world whips away at us with their filthy old chains that they stole from our factories. It doesn't matter though. They need us to survive. Without us, they will collapse into chaos, into anarchy, into noise, into labor unions, into "free love," into evil socialist communes. Tired of this as we are, we only have one choice, to leave the world as it is to rot and decay, and to build a community of Prime Movers that never make mistakes, that never want to do anything other than complete the job at hand with the utmost efficiency and quality, and most importantly, that always have and provide the strongest orgasms, with and without the use of methods that border on rape. Goddamn, I love America!
"Nature loves to be hidden."

- Heraclitus
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