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Re: Fairytail 243

Well, while the convention is that the bad guy can resist any onslaught until someone powers up to his level, in truth, the combination of powerful attacks by less powerful mages should be enough to do some damage and perhaps defeat a more powerful foe - that's a simple truth. You can be the best swordsman in all the land, but put you up against eight men with swords, you're probably going to lose based on your own limitations.

So, I would/will not be upset if the group attack works at some point, but the nature of these stories is to follow the themes, tropes and cliches that are rampant in fantasyetc - they throw their best, doesn't work, all looks lost and then a hero/helper steps in, someone raises their game and defeats the big bad one on one. My guess is kid Zeref intervenes and Natsu unleashes the dragon power to defeat Hades, with Zeref disappearing int he end (i.e. the true Zeref begins to awake and that becomes the new focus, after Laxus has his "hey dad - what the fuck did you do to me" arc).

But just a prediction and I'm interested to see how we get there and be disappointed with the power of friendship is the reason for the win.
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