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Re: Republicans - "Freedom of Religion lolwut?"

I couldn't be certain on what research as been done, but promiscuity could be seen as advantageous and a detriment depending on what level you decide to take.

I think it is generally accepted that sex itself is healthy. Promotes release of endorphins, hormones and other chemicals that have positive effects all over the body, including neurological and cardiovascular improvements. Promiscuity is a general breeding strategy which would promote the active participant's (usually male) genetic advancement by trying to fertilize as many times as possible (in terms of females, it would be to A) get the best genes/sperm competing and B) spread confusion to fatherhood to try and maintains as much support as they can, thus increasing chances of offspring survival). This would be healthy because you would expect the best fit set of genes to reproduce and survive most, strengthening the population. In terms of STDs, the spread of these, while initially negative impact on health, would eventually lead to those immune or untroubled by them to be the primary breeders, creating a population that was not set back by an STD - more or less, weeding out the unfit. That also would improve the general health of the population.

Of course, that's purely taking reproduction as a given, which it is not in our society. On an individual level, one takes major health risks with promiscuity because we have very low "success" rate with sex (in terms of impregnation) in that while you may be fit, you spend a lot of time "wasting" your reproductive years and experience increased risks of STDs or other diseases, when promiscuous, which then would decrease your reproductive health. In these terms, being celibate or at least monogamous with a partner you know is healthy until you're ready for children is probably more advantageous.
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