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Re: 549 prediction/spoiler

Hoax prediction

Itachi glares at Naruto. Suddenly Naruto stomach starts to rumble as he vomits up a crow.

Killer B: WTF was that?

The Crow flies over to Itachi & merges with his body.

Itachi: Nagato remember what we talked about right? you only have one shot so make it count.

Nagato: right!

Itachi glares at Nagato & traps him in a genjutsu. Nagato suddenly starts making hand signs.

Nagato: Plot no Tensai jutsu!

Nagato's body starts repairing itself. Nagato stands on his own & exhales a cold breath. Naruto & Killer B look in shock. scene switches to Kabuto who has a WTF look on his face. The icon for Itachi burst into flames followed shortly by Nagato's icon.

Kabuto: How is this possible!

Killer B: Did you just see that?

Naruto: Yeah it looks as though Nagato took a breath but how is that possible Edo Golems are supposed to be dead.

Nagato: Damn I wasn't able to keep the clay body after all.

Itachi: Well it beats being a puppet. Hey Nagato hit me with a Katon I wana test something.

Nagato uses a Katon jutsu which burns Itachi's left arm. The arm regenerates the burned skin.

Itachi: Ha looks like I'm still immortal.

Naruto: Just what the fuck is going on here?

Nagato: Can't you tell? We just freed ourselves from the jutsu's control thats all.

Killer B: Are they friend or foe?

Itachi: O we're definitely not your friends.

Nagato: But we aren't exactly your enemies ether.

Naruto: Itachi is it true about Konoha's involvement in the.. (interrupted)

Itachi: Did Sasuke return to Konoha?

Naruto: So it's true then?

Itachi: .... He was never supposed to find out the truth. Not from that man... Shit I miscalculated.

Itachi speaking to Nagato through genjutsu: Nagato can you search for my brothers chakra?

Nagato speaking to Itachi through genjutsu: Found him. He's about 5 miles west of here in a cave located by a burial site.

Itachi: Thanks I'm going to find my brother. Make sure Naruto doesn't follow me.

Itachi vanishes

Naruto: You're not leaving me out of this.

Naruto rushes to follow Itachi but is blown back by Nagato's Shinra Tensai.

Nagato: Sorry Naruto but Itachi needs to handle this alone. It is his brother after all. If you resist I'll be forced to stop you.

Monster brawl brought to you by Claymore.

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1) There may well be some literary or map correlation between the Uzumaki and Ireland.
Check out this awesome manga called Magi.

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