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Re: Republicans - "Freedom of Religion lolwut?"

Originally Posted by Skullbat01 View Post
woah owoah I was implying a global majority I never said ALL there is a big difference between a generalization and blatantly stating ALL
Now you're backpedaling. When you said "african americans and those of african descent" coupled with your clarifying in quotes, are predominantly muslim, you were implying that the majority of the African American population was Muslim, when it's only about 1% of the African American population of the United States. If you had said "muslims are predominantly africans/those of african descent" it would've been more accurate. I even pointed out in my post that those of Hispanic descent (Mexican American, Cuban America) are predominantly Catholic because of the patriarchal beliefs.

2nd I was reffereing to the republican candidate and wasn't criticizing any of the posters on the thread I think my previous statement was blown way out proportion here
So by saying a Black Republican wanting to stop the construction of Mosques is shitting on his own demographic, we shouldn't take that as you wrote? Because that's exactly what you wrote.


@ Act I do actually count North Africans when I made that statement as black may conjure up a skin color image I apologize for confusing everyone with that but in its day to day use it does refer to people of African descent and not only classmates but I have even had a few professors from countries like Libya/ marocco/ eygpt who vehemently identify with being African despite the diff in skin color (an in an ugly case I saw one rag on the black kids for disrespecting their ancestry)
Um... why would you count them since they won't be responsible to vote for the position of the Presidency?

4th I am Mexican/American and can tell you right now not every Latino is Catholic many many are catholic in name only ( just like many American are baptized but do not actively practice)
while there are both Jewish and Islamic minorities in Latin countries dating back to colonialism, as well as asian based immigration like the Chinese to countries like Peru (over a million last I checked) have spread Buddhism
I believe I mentioned that. Those of Hispanic ancestry are predominantly Catholic due to Catholicism spreading from their ancestral homeland (Spain, mainly). Approximately 64% of Cuban Americans identify themselves as Catholic, and Mexican Americans is a bit higher.

not to mention the enormous amount of religious traditions carried over from indigenous peoples
You mean the beliefs that have been oppressed/persecuted by Catholic colonists? Neopaganistic beliefs constitute less of the country's population that Islam.
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