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Re: Jesus, not the first

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
You cannot apply the "whole Biblical concept" because it was indeed originally written for a very different society. However, by understanding the society for which a work was written we can understand exactly what point is being made, and consider ways that same message can apply to our lives today.

You terribly misunderstand the point of fasting, though I'm not surprised given the over-emphasis it seems to have in your culture. God doesn't care one way or another if someone gives up cheese for a month, the point of fasting is to remove anything which may distract you from God. Sticking with the cheese example, let's say someone absolutely adored cheese and spent much of their time shopping for new and exciting cheeses to try. If this time spent concerned about cheese was preventing them from spending time with God, then fasting and cutting out that distraction would be an excellent way to make more time available to focus on Him.

Religions is indeed and excellent way to control people, which is why I consider everything said in church just as critically, if not more so, than anything else I hear. Blind faith is never good.

Yes, men wrote the Bible, but if it is in any sense true, then who wrote it doesn't matter. Even a liar can tell the truth, so criticizing an individual cannot discredit their words.

Anything can be abused or corrupted. Just because humanity has failed to perfectly maintain something in service to God does not mean that it is inherently bad.

Just as it is not for Stan Lee to decide if Spiderman "exists," but for Spiderman to decide if Stan Lee exists.
I see your point about fasting but you already gave the answer. The true purpose of fasting has been altered in my culture. And spiderman is a fictional character, we are not. Different religions over time told about about one god or more gods. Christianity has the most adepts because it's the most recent one. The politeist religions have been named pegan. So the men actually decides which religion to embrace.
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