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Originally Posted by Keng115 View Post
When i was first watching naruto was my age 17, the first i was watching anime series when naruto was still at school and is about to take his gradraute to a full pedge ninja. Till i watch naruto shippuden.

On that night after i was finish naruto anime and managa, i went back to sleep and have a dream.

During the 2 and half year training with jiaraya, when they have been started training progress for about a few months and they met a group of unknown ninja and have a fight.

During that fight , they decieded to seprate away and meet somewhere that they can meet up. One of the ninja throw a bomb at naruto and he was fall to the waterfall.

Inside the waterfall, Naruto found himself that he was at the nine tail fox sealing gate which was inside naruto body. The nine tail fox was requested him to do a mission with the fox. This mission was a dangerous mission and it may cause a risk of life. The mission is to stop the group of ninja to unseal the evil demon which was more powerful than nine tail fox itself. If the evil demon was unsealed and was free, the ninja world will be in great danger.

So the nine tail was decided to free himself out by requested by the fouth hokage and the fouth hokage say that after the mission end he will reseal it back to naruto body.

After the nine tail fox was out of the naruto body, naruto found himself that he had become a girl and she look more cute and pretty. Naruto was confuessed himself why he was becoming a girl. The nine tail fox was do not know why he become a girl but it does know that he was born as a boy.

But the nine tail fox was told naruto to change his name to a girl name. Naruto was named herself as Yui Hinata and she also name the nine tail fox as nin which was easy to call it.

And the journey was going , at the side of the border line of waterfall country was found the brunch of group ninja. The group of ninja was found killed. One of the ninja who have last breath tolded her that it was Asuka. The ninja was name Itachi which was wanted the naruto life too. Nin was afaird that it is hard to stop them and the only way is to find a group of members who are strong to fight with them.

Then Yui (Naruto) was decieded to go to her hometown to find Hokage to get help. But the problem was nobody was know her because of changing her sex and asking help from the village ninja need to be pay and it costed. The only way she have to do was to find her own partner along her mission.

On the journy , They have met alots of mission and information. They also do some work to earn some money to support themselves.

One of his client was requested to her a mission. The mission was to send the letter of request to Fire country , Konoha to Hokage. She was very happy and accpeted the client and have taken the money which given to her that can support for a month.

When they have reached konoha, Yui (Naruto) was so happy that she have returned her home but she had forgotten that she was not Naruto. The village there think that she is a bit strange. One of the konoha ninja was asked her why she was here and the ninja was also like to bring her to meet the hokage but she was rejected to them and requested to go alone because she know the way to meet hokage. The konoha ninja was feel strange and have to spy on her.

When Yui (Naruto), had reached to the Hokage office. She immediately called hokage as ganny and said that (Hi granny, i have a requested from my client's requested to help protect them against the bad ninja). The Hokage was angry and scolded her not to called her granny. The hokage look at her mirror and see why she was called granny and is the first time she have been called since most of her client never look at her very old.

After the hokage talked to Yui(Naruto) and was requested the name list of her selection of the team to took this mission that Yui's client was requested.
The team Captain was KaKashi and the 3 members are Nara , Hinata, Kiba and Aka(dog).Aka was smell at nin as was found out that nin was the nine tail fox but he was too afaird because nin tolded him not too told everyone about him if not nin had to kill Aka.The hokage told Yui(Naruto) that the client also requested to bring the konoha ninja to their village so that they can know who they are.

Leaving the konoha village and have arrived to the client's village. The client was requested her to have a personnal protection to his daugher. His daugher name Sakura Mori and the client also introduction himself his name too. The client name was Shini Mori. Mori is a very weathly family who always help those poor people who are needed. Mori was to protected the village against the bad group ninja. The group ninja was Shi. Shi's ninja was a group of gangter ninja who want to bully others village, robbery , kill people, rape and destory building. This village was the one they are targeted.

At night, one of the ninja came in mori house and get in to kidnap Sakura but Yui(Naruto) was there and had a fight but Yui was fail to protect Sakura due to her strength was lost half of her orginal strength and her chakra because of nin was out of her body. But Yui was not give up yet. She decided to go after the ninja and asked nin to told everyone.

In the end, Yui(Naruto) was kidnapped too together with Sakura.

On the village of Mori family after nin was told to the village, Kakashi's team have deceided to save both of them. When kakashi's team was going to leave the village to save them, one of the arrow message was shoted at them and was wrote the letter, Pls give me the money else i had to kill both of the hostage. Kakashi had to plan another idea so that the hostage safety.

At the shi camp, Yui(Naruto) was thinking how to escape together with Sakura. When one of the leader came and asked them to have a celebration to them that they are going to become rich soon and the leader was deceided to asked Yui(Naruto) to help them to server wine to them because she looks cute and pretty. Then Yui(Naruto) had a idea to escaped. So she was planed to let their member to have drank them.

After the group of shi member was drank expect the leader who was still not drank yet. Yui was thinking how to due with the leader since that she have not fully get her power back when she was naruto. She was suddenly asked the leader that she want to go to the toilet to had a peer.

When she went to the toilet, she found the river who can be link to the village and also can send bird to send message to the village and they is a view which can shoot the arrow to them. She was decided to use the arrow to the village there so that kakashi can come here to save them.

After kakashi recieved from Yui(Naruto) message, he immediately ask the village to prepared and fight the ninja since they had been drank and he say that he will be due with the leader by himself.

After they have defeated the Shi's group, Yui(Naruto) was deceided that she would training herself to better since this incident had happen and she need to fight with the Itachi was not an easy to stop them. She also asked nin about her problem too.

After that mission was over, they have to go a place where a good place to train her skills and chakra. Nin also need to think why Yui was lost her power and her strength and decided to check Yui body. When nin checked her body, it met fourth Hokage. The fourth told it that to get her power back have 2 ways. The first way was nin have to get back to naruto body. The other way is to give her the energy which was nin energy to her but there is a risk. The risk is if she fail and unable to control it both may die at the same time since that the fouth also putting some cruese to nin that if Yui die, nin also die too so that nin can't do anything bad.

After seeing fourth , nin was thinking how to chose which way to get it faster but nin hate to go back to her body and back to the cages and the other problem is also very hard to communication with her. Nin also afaird that if it give his chaka to her, she might not able to control it and may also make itself to commit suicide.

I have bad a grammar and can be quite the tard but this makes me sad.
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