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Re: VS Thread

1. Erza can dual wield two Cloud Strife sized swords as if they were daggers. In comparison ripping tree root isn't all that impressive.
Again, you are downplaying Lee's feats.

A- The tree root was huge
B- He did it with 1 hand
C- It was his arm's length into the ground, the amount of earth he displaced was no joke.

2. Destructive force you're showing of Lee is comparable to the damage taken by Erza that I've shown. Also Lotus is used while activating the first Gate.
Again, panels of Erza taking a blow to the face of the magnitude that Lee can deliver. My mistake on the gates for initial lotus, but it doesn't change my argument since Lee has access to that attack anyway.

3. The most destructive power shown by Lee is when he's running. His actual punches & Kicks are not shown to be as powerful. Destroying clay tiles isn't really impressive when compared to smashing through several buildings, & destroying stone pillars that are used to support a building.
Erza's best destruction feats are when she is on the move, and using the momentum or augmenting her strikes with magic. Not all her slashes cause the destruction of her best attacks, just like Lee's regular punches do not pack the destructiveness of his gated strikes. That however is moot, since we are discussing their damage outputs, which can only be supported by their best feats.

Erza cutting through stuff effortlessly Think of what would happen if that was Lee's torso.
Lee nuked the area where the exams were being taken, Imagine if that was Erza's face ? Not to mention those slashes are pretty linear, nothing that Lee can't handle.

Erza blocking & dodging countless needles Just to give you an idea of her reaction time & capability to dodge hits from multiple directions.

Evergreen's attacks were coming at her from the front only, and Erza only swatted away the ones that were coming at her body specifically, not all of them.

But, if you want to compared reaction time feats, here is Lee intercepting a squirrel and removing the explosive tag that was attached to it before it exploded, and the detonation had already been set in motion.

Just a quick show of strength. Look at the size of the swords she's actually holding Metal is heavier than wood.
When you factor in the fact that Lee ripped it off the ground with 1 hand, against the earth's resistance, this feat is not superior.

Erza also survived taking 200 bolts of lightning Does Lee have the destructive force of 200 bolts of lightning?
Magical lightning =/= real lightning. Unless you want to claim that everyone in the guild have lightning durability, even though they have been taken down by far less powerful attacks. To further support this, the area around Erza was unharmed, as were the areas around everyone else whom were it.

Quote: Let's see Erza taking energy blast point blank in the face.
Not impressive. Here is Lee taking a sand from Gaara with far more destructive output than that blast, since it actually has destruction feats.

Sending someone flying away with a 1 handed strike, Lee can do that too.

In his drunk state his flexibility and unpredictability increase, but the force of his blows were on his strength alone.

If you honestly think Lee can beat Erza in a 1 vs 1 you're sadly mistaken. Lee's exaggerated movement during his fight with Gaara who didn't move around during the fight has been constantly downplayed in future engagements Lee has had. Against Kimimarou Lee isn't shown to have god like speed or strength. Against Kisame he did jack shit.
You talk as if Kimimarou is weak. His skill in close combat was on par with Lee's, and they were pretty even prior to Kimimarou using his KKG. Against Kisame, sure, Lee had a shit showing along with the rest of his team.

However, Kisame is not weak by any measure of the word, and it took one of Gai's best attacks to take down a mere clone of him. Pitted against Erza's feats, that is nothing to be ashamed of.

Lee has the obvious speed advantage here, with far better movement feats. Erza can tank a huge blast with her best armor, but it doesn't really help her here since it lacks any offensive feats. Most of the magical damaged she has tanked aside from Jupiter were pretty lame, and you have failed to provide evidence that Erza can take a punch to the mouth from Lee and get back up.

Getting launched through wall and the ruins you mentioned are pretty sub par feats. Very remedial in any action manga, and Lee can replicate those given the strength he has demonstrated.
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