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Re: VS Thread

Scarlet using Flight Armor while Knighting uses Silfolion Sonic Speed Sword.
But yeah Erza is slow as shit right?
I have already addressed the "sonic" attack feat. Show me panels of Erza reacting to high speed attacks from all angles, like the ones Lee dishes out while in gates.
Erza eating some more damage
She gets shoved against a wall yet again. Seriously, this kind of damage is nothing special. Lee reduced the exam arena to a heap of rubble from the force of his speed alone.
When destructive forces clash it destroys the entire battle area. Far more destructive than anything Lee is shown doing.
I already stated that she has the destruction feat advantage through that fight. However, I will point out 2 things: She didn't cause that damage alone, and the size of the place where they were fighting is inconsistent. Nevertheless, that is a good feat.

With that said, she and her Edolas version simply charged at one another. As I have already said many times, liner attacks are nothing Lee can't handle.

For LOLZ Erza taking punches to the face.

Erza's head getting smacked into the ground causing it to shatter.
I hope you are not trying to pass those punches and damage as comparable to Lee's physical strikes. They didn't even break the rock they were standing on, that is pretty lame.

Erza get's smacked around by a giant wood fist.
She hits the trunk below and causes no damage it. Wood fist fails.

Erza taking direct explosion damage.
That wasn't an explosion. If you look at the surroundings there is 0 damage, that is most likely deflagation cause by that dude's release of magic.

PS: It's fairly simple Lee uses so called trumps like Lotus which is not instant while Erza switches to Herculean armor. Once Lotus is finished she switches to something else like say Heaven's Wheel, Black Wing, Purgatory, Flight, or Morning Star Armor & uses something like Circle Sword, Blumenbatt, or Photon Slicer to quickly finish off the now injured Lee. Pretty basic strategy here Lee's best abilities actually put him at a handy cap while I've shown way more proof than needed to suggest that Erza can take a beating.

What you have shown is that Erza can tank 1 big magic canon with her best defensive armor. She can withstand magic deflagation, and she has 1 huge attack with her fairy armor.


Way to make a scenario where Lee is a moron. I can do that too.

Erza equips her Herculean armor and sits there, thinking that she has nothing to worry about since her defense is pretty high. Lee opens Gates and punches her square in the face, causing her to die.

See ?

All we can analyze what they have to work with. Lee has better speed, reaction ( explosive tag feat ) and movement, and he has the damage output to down Erza with a blow to the face, specially since there is no evidence of her ever dealing or tanking with heavy taijutsu such as his.
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