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Re: Jesus, not the first

Originally Posted by Gakure View Post
God is all powerful, all knowing and everywhere but the same rules apply. His influence is limited by how much Man lets Him [Individual Issue].
Just stop right there - that's a perfect depiction of religion. We have this all powerful, master god who's powers are limitless, except that he is bound by religious laws made by man given to us by him, except for when it is convenient to ignore those laws... as in when we want to smite our enemies or deny women their rights as people. Then, he allows us to do what we want, leaving it until after we die to have us truly atone for our sins, unless we say enough words and are absolved by those appointed by us for him to speak for him (or did he tell us to appoint them for him for us for him?).

It is a beautiful little thought loop, isn't it?

As for man being the greatest creation, for an all powerful, all knowing god, that seems pretty sad. Dude just doesn't want to try.
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