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Re: Narutard chat thread

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
I made an EDH deck with it that had a lot of creatures with effects that triggered upon entering play or required sacrificing. Some other cards to consider:

I've updated my mono-green Elf deck to make it a hell of a lot more aggressive and almost unstoppable. Tonight proved it when I took on 2 different decks, that deal immense damage quickly, and I won with over 40 life.

One of the things I added (and want more of) is this sexy beast

It also has 2 Decrees of Savagery, 2 Vitalizing Winds, Brawn, and various other spells to get the Warcaller more +1/+1 counters and make the rest of my forces bigger.

My friends and I determined tonight that the artifact based Archenemy deck (the one I bought) is overpowered. We did a Commander v. Commander v. Archenemy (me) match, and I held off both of their decks with little problems. One of the Commander decks has a creature that whenever it attacks, you put an Angel, Demon, or Dragon card from your hand into play tapped and attacking that opponent.

Btw, said friends are on my hate list because the lucky bastards are going to Mayhem Fest in Detroit tomorrow.
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