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Re: Jesus, not the first

Originally Posted by Gakure View Post
The dispensations are different. Just like how God allowed the Jews to marry more than one in the past ages, cannot be applied now. Another word is 'Dynamics'. God is the same but the dispensations are different. Hospitals, Ambulance sevices, the police, and many more business are open for work 24/7 when most of these guys are xtians. Dont they respect the Sabbath day, they shd be stoned to death, by ur logic. Simple answer, God respects the various dispensations and ages. Lets take the Jews for example. women are placed lower to men just as @ACT said, and God respected it as such. That cannot be said now. Old things, dont apply now.
Why not? Where are you getting this info about God? Pretty sure it doesn't say shit in the bible about God changing his mind about the morality of stoning people for picking up sticks on the wrong day, and shit like that.

How do you decide what is worth taking seriously in the bible and what isn't? Just look at the horrible shit it promotes and go "You know what? This shit is stupid."? You know, use actual reasoning. If so, why not apply that reasoning to the religion as a whole? You should come up with the same conclusion.

Moreover u totally ignored my Man's choices explanations. Man not only make choices that affect himself [Smoker that died from cancer - Bad, or chose not to smoke knowing it kills - good], but others as well [ Stopping for school kids to cross the road instead of running into them].

Why didn't God stop the oppression from the start? Simple, He can't. Not until the Jews made a choice to invite him to the party[done thru fervent prayers]. If He was so powerful, why didn't He force Pharaoh to let His people go? Simply, He can't. Why? He is sooooooo jealous. As long as he has become part matter, He wants all credits for the rescue and the egyptians to fear his awesome rescuing power and know that He is God [If he just forced him, Pharaoh would have taken the credit for letting God's people go whilst He[God] sits and watch].

If He was so powerful then again, why didn't he just FTG all Jews to a place He likes. Simple, He can't. Why? He had to work with the owner [Man, here Moses] as a medium to convey his intentions. Jealousy made Him not want to only take them out of Egypt but also take out 'egypt' from them. By the 10 plaques He was able concretise his power in the mnds of His people and paralyze the power of the Egyptian gods [which some of the Jews started to admonish]. This is just by the way.
So basically you're saying that god either isn't all powerful, or he is but he is also an attention whore, immature, immoral douchebag.

And you know how he could get tons of attention and all the credit? Just show himself and then rescue children getting raped and shit. So he's pretty fucking stupid too, in addition to being a massive asshole.
The real issue is Until a choice is made to call on Him, He wont do anything. Every single intervention by God in the bible was made possible by Man to call him out.
Like ACT said, pretty sure people pray to not get raped and murdered a lot. And if that is the "real issue" then your god is a piece of shit. "Beg me to help you first, little girl getting raped. Mwahaha, you didn't pray hard enough, enjoy your needless suffering."

Real talk, dude. Sounds like you worship the most horrible and immoral being to ever be thought up. And you're not making yourself look like too much of a great guy yourself by trying to justify that shit.
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