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Re: Naruto Q&A

Originally Posted by zagazogo View Post
Ok new to this ... read all the posts ... Liked these questions(not answered yet)
Ok my personal questions
1) Before Naruto learns about the chakra elemental affinities ... previous episodes show everyone using all elements ... mixing elements ... So was this thought of later by kishi
2) Kakashi uses many elements earlier(while copyin) .. but does state in a later episode (cant remember which one) that he can only use jutsu's which have his own elemantal chakra
3) Usually Bloodline limit is the combination of 2-3 elemantal chakra's ... is this true with sharingan and byakugan
4) In which manga episode can i find tobirama senju using his space time jutsu's
5) Is the disagreement b/w kishi and animator bcoz of the sarutobi - orochimaru episode where they tobirama uses a jutsu in anime which was supposed to be used by hashirama ??? if yes can you name the jutsu
6) Do genjutsus work on rinnegan and is there any particular genjutsu that can be created by rinnegan
Thank you
1) Possibly, since it was really never brought up until shippuuden.
2) Is this really a question?
3) Sharingan and Byakugan are dojutsu, meaning that they work within the eyes. These will also drain their chakara. Other bloodline limits involve mixing other elemental chakaras with each other. Combination of 2 elements are usual bloodlines but 3 element combinations such as dust element are called kekkei tota, which is an advanced kekkei genkai.
4) I thought that Tobirama Senju was a water user. I've never seen him use a space time jutsu, so can't really answer this.
5) I'm not too sure about this, but probably someone else can answer this question.
6) Yes they do. An example of this may be from the Jiraya VS Pain battle. I don't think that any Rinnegan user has used any genjutsu so far, but I think that they should have some genjutsu up their sleeves.
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