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Re: 553 predictions/spoilers

553 Naruto Apacolypz Prediction

As Naruto's Rasengan slams down upon the 2nd Tuschikage....Muu vanishes in the instant of the impact. Third Tuschikage: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! Garaa: Behind you! Muu appears behind Naruto with a his jutsu ready and aiming down the backside of Naruto. With the same speed Naruto vanishes and appears behind the second Tuschikage with a Gigantic Rasengan in hand and tosses it. Naruto dashes toward to side of Gaara. Muu is completely engulfed in the intense combined jutsus. 2nd Tuschikage: WHAT POWER!!!

Before he is able to rengenerate 3rd Tuschikage seals Muu the Invisible with the aide of Gaara.

3rd Tuschikage: How were you able to detect him Naruto kun? Naruto: WOW YOU CAN FLY!!!???....... I can sense the evil emotions and actions of anyone near my range. Tuschikage: Amazing..even to notice Master Muu you have been awarded useful abilities.

Gaara: We have yet to complete this mission...lets continue to the 2nd Mizukage!
Naruto: We will have to work together on this guy....something is odd with his jutsu. I have a friend who will assist sealing the old Raikage.

Gaara: Who?

Bee is shown dashing over to the the allied forces to back up the sealing team. The Raikage is shown in pieces and is taking long to regenerate himself. Raikage: Good use of your elemental jutsu.Still not enough to stop me. I think it will be best if you all back up some feet...Within seconds Raikage is regenerated and is stepping toward the allied Army. A kunai is thrown at the feet of the Raikage with a tag on it....written on the explosive tag is GOT YA BITCH?!!

The tags detonates with ration charges trickling outward. A bright light takes over his sight. Raikage in thought " This writing....this is a hidden cloud technique!" A net is formed from the ration current and captures the Raikage within it.

Bee is suddenly above his GodFather and smiles genuinely at the moment. Bee: He yo!

Raikage's eyes widen in response to his sight.. Raikage: Bee!!!!! Seems you have matured some since my absence. Finish it if I am correct!

Bee: I plan to

Raikage breaks free from the raging electric net and charges his left arm up with thick ration armor. He flattens his hand to make a knife sickle out of the chakra. Bee notices his movements and prepares Samahada in defense. Raikage darts at Bee while making some hands signs he summons a huge electric Eel. The eel dashes at Bee head on with it's fangs sparkling with running ration chakra. Bee: Shit! Of all the beasts he summoned this one gave me the most trouble! The giant eel attempts to bite Bee and swallow him but in his stead is the growing strength of Samaheda that he bites on. It drains the eels chakra and Bee back kicks the eel in the face. As the huge mist sword breaks through the cloth wrap around it's body, Raikage comes in for his move. He strikes Bee dead in his back charging his sickle fiercely. With his hand coming out of the front of Bee's chest. Raikage: Sorry youngster, my own family taken out by my hands.... Damn EDO TENSEI! Bee suddenly darkens and Raikage notices it is an ink clone. Raikage: Slick bastard! (looking around)

Samaheda falls to the ground, bursting totally from its wrap. It grows incredibly in size after absorbing the chakra from the eel. Raikage: Where is he? I don't sense him anywhere near here. What the hell? The eel races to wrap itself around the body of the Raikage. Raikage: Unagi (eel) do you sense him? Unagi lifts his head up and sticks out its tongue. Unagi: THERE! His fierce eyes looking at the growing Samaheda.

Bee bursts from the shell of Samaheda transforming revealing a new form (Bee has merged with Samaheda).... Bee is shown wrapped in chakra mode 2 with sharp spikes sticking out from all over. His legs are completely covered in black spikes and he has eight large octopus tails swinging all around his backside.

An enormous blast spews from Unagi's mouth like a bullet combining water and lighting toward Bee.

Bee quickly turns his back with each tail reacting on it's own they absorb Unagi's jutsu in it's entirety.

Bee: I feel like spitting a rhyme but it's my turn! The tails of the hachibi form in a circular shape around bee pointing out toward Raikage. Unagi: We will not survive this power he is building up.. It is like he has three levels of chakra pushing out. Raikage: Finally he gets serious for once!

Bee shoots out 9 different blasts coming from his mouth and his they shoot out they form into one large beam that strikes Unagi and Raikage in a split second!

A large explosion is heard, in the debris the large eel has vanished.

Raikage is still standing but has three streams of chakra shown rapidly racing all over his body.

Raikage: Is this nature manipulation mixed with merging chakra affinities? I can't move?

Bee: Everything you taught me old man, I put through out each of my hands! Your body is paralyzed because of the intense chakra of the hachibi mixed with Unagi and my own. You are unable to regenerate. Now time to finish it crazy twist of fate!..Raikage: No point Bee,(smiling) we found the right link to help aide the Cloud. I am grateful to have you left behind to help restore balance to the ninja world. With A and you, this war will come to a spear head...with you allied forces on top! PEACE!

The raikage falls to ashes and fades into the blowing wind.

Bee aims his hands out and the residual chakra flies to his finger tips. Bee: This will be useful against Madara that ninja fodder!

Back over with the concluding fight against the 2nd Mizukage

Temari: That sums it up Gaara, this kage's yang element completely alludes us with the aide of his clam's mirage technique.
Shikamaru: Well it's simple we need a distraction. While we're attacking head on, we need also attacks coming in from bottom and sides. We know the clam is behind the Mizukage, Naruto will be able to find it directly. Naruto will get the clam and leave the rest to us.

Tuschikage is high in the air while Gaara sits to right side of Mizukage. Mizukage: So Muu fell again! (smirking) That loser taken down by a geezer and a pissing infant lol. Hopefully you have devised a strategy to seal me. I've grown tired of this game now that Muu has been defeated.

Gaara: No more talk!

The allied forces continue to rain many weapons upon the Mizukage. He continues to phase through each attack. Tuschikage: Sub Element Separation Technique! Like a strike of lighting a laser shoots out of Tuschikage's combined palms. The entire area is crushed by the attack. A huge wave of dust is seen hovering over the entire field. Naruto: NOW! The dust settles and the field is covered in base Naruto clones. They run with daggers in hand toward the Mizukage. Tuschikage is seen sweating near out of breath. Mizukage: I KEEP TELLING YOU IDIOTS THIS WON'T WORK LIKE THIS!!!! IT'S BEHIND ME!

Gaara: WE KNOW!
Gaara has tunneled huge sand arms under ground that come up grabbing the Mizukage and the clam all in his mighty grasp.

Naruto: MY TURN! RASENSHURIKEN!!! Naruto comes down spiraling from the sky striking the clam with a mega move!
It poofs away in smoke...
( now being pulled in by Gaara's sealing tag technique) Mizukage: You used your clones for a distraction? How were you able to find the clam?
Naruto: I didn't use my clones, those were stone clones of the Tushchikage.
Tuschikage: My dust element attack was nothing but a mere rumble compared to the extent of it's true power. I used that attack to cover the field with dust and clones.

Shikamaru: With that being said, Naruto is able to sense our enemy. Once we knew the jutsu of the clam was being used all we had to do was get to the real one.
Mizukage: You put me under your own mirage eh kid? Since the clam reacts to me being in danger. lolololool haahahahah NICE!!! You all went through this to seal me.....Only if that worthless Muu could witness it.

Gaara: Goodbye..... Finally sealed....Kages of the Past!

Bee drops in.....

Bee: We can knock pops of the list, What did I miss?


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