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Re: Jesus, not the first

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
ok guys I get what you're saying .. you all have made some good points I guess I should clarify my stance on religious beliefs.

I take almost a universalist point of view on things taking a bit from here and there.
I've been to different churches over the years from Methodist to baptist, Mormon . spiritual transcendentalism, and have recently taking a liking to some tenants of Islam.

I believe god has a form simillar to man, that God's life force resides in all his creation ( laws of physics- automated bodily functions having all this power at his disposal he can morph or take the shape of any figure but his primary Image is that of a man.

Furthermore I think that as Man is God once was and what God is Man may become. Most virtues appear in all religions.. thoughts create actions actions dictate deeds, and deeds determine character.

Also I don't agree in biblical judgment so to speak but Man through his own deeds and actions determine how their energy is colored .. either it's light or it's dark.. and depending on your shade so to speak determines your place near God( kinda like your good deeds act as currency to get you in the Vip section of the universe.

I rationalize the existence of a God along these lines by things I find in creation.. laws of gravity and physics energy can't be created or destroyed only transformed. At the end of one's life your essence is transformed and depending on your place in the galaxy it can seem like heaven (positive energy) or hell (negative energy) and not being able to progress past the velvet rope so to speak

none of this has any basis in reality .. it just helps me view the world in a way that I can sleep peacefully knowing that a person's good deeds aren't equal with a murdering pedophile.. because in the God doesn't exist view .. we're equal sharing the same fate and my sense of justice just won't let that sit!
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