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Re: Hello again!

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
It's just him being himself. If you want some specifics, then:

1. He said reading Naruto changed his life, which is kinda sad. People picked on him about that.

2. He claimed to be an undefeated boxer. Then when confronted about it (by miburo), he made up some bullshit story. He said he only fought 2 times. When Mibs looked into it, he couldn't find anything. HR then claimed he used a fake name while boxing. Mibs looked into that, and found a guy with that name, but he had lost a match, which means he wasn't undefeated. People started fucking with him more. (Justifiable so)

3. He made a whole bunch of retarded threads. A few got closed, and he cried about it.. Mibs told him to man up, which made him cry even more.

4. He then made a thread called Show Human Rasengan your katon!,just for the purpose of people talking shit to him, (and believe me we did) and then he got all mad about it. LMAO!!!

5. He claimed to have written 4 different comic books series or some shit like that. Not 4 chapters. NO, 4 WHOLE SERIES. Some of which tied into each other. Then when people asked to see his ghetto Marvel collection, he kept postponing. People really fucked with him about that.

Bottom line, the kid is a pathological liar, who deserves everything he gets and then some.

Well first of all from what you've said he is a pussy, a retard, a liar and supposedly a defeated boxer. And a pathological liar. Well i guess that life Is not Interesting without idiots like this guy.
-sigh- another one to deal with.
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