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Re: Hello again!

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
you can take their interpretation of things or you can go str8 to the horses mouth.. the stories that they mentioned did happen but as you can see the cite is full of cynics and when there's blood in the water all come to feast.
You're an idiot and we crush idiots. You're full of shit and we called you on it numerous times.

I was in a near fatal car crash
Claiming to come out of an accident involving FALLING OFF A MOUNTAIN unscathed is pure bullshit.

survived a house fire
Right, proof was those photos of burns that had no evidence of burn scarring (coming from someone that has scars covering ~35% of his body, I think I can spot them).

father passed away in my arms
I call bullshit in this based on previous experiences with you.

boxed- never claimed to be undefeated the record mibs looked at was under a misspelling of my name so all data wasn't in one spot
If you want, go back and read your shit in the "What do you do?" thread. But if you don't feel like it reading the entire thing, check this one post out. You claimed one thing, mibs found another and called you on it, you backpedaled.

and yes life and this site is a little more interesting with people like me in it who don't care to be "sheeple" and think freely and outside of the box.
Saying you "think freely and outside the box" is an insult to all the free thinkers in history. You're a profoundly retarded attention whore that doubles as a pathological liar.

What their distaste for me comes from is that I never argue using logic .. in fact i don't argue or debate at all I simply state how I feel.. it's their problem for mistaking opinion with what they deem an attempt at logic.
You attempt, and fail, at using logic and then try to play it off as your "opinion". It happens in every theory thread you've ever made. You try "A+B=Turkey" and exclaim "it makes sense!", when it doesn't. Then, when someone calls you on your stupidity, you backpedal and spout "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!" or some stupid bullshit.
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