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Re: Naruto 554 chapter predictions/spoiler

554: “the Fall of an Ego.”

Naruto is standing in between the forces and the Edo-Raikage.

Edo-Rai, “Hmmm, who is this? You look somewhat familiar, but that was ages ago…”

Temari, {Naruto?} “hey, he is a lightening user, we need a very strong wind attack that won’t let up on him! Something that is too fast for him to regenerate it. Just long enough to get him sealed!”

Naruto glancing at Temari, “Got it!”

He rushes towards the Edo an suddenly he is face to face with him.

Edo-, “you are fast, kind of like him, with that same blonde hair.” {He must be his son no other reason why I can feel similar chakra presence as that Minato kid!}

Naruto, “I know your fighting against your will so I won’t take this battle personally, besides you’re my Uncle Bee’s Senpai and Raikage!”

Edo Raikage is swinging at him with a fist charged with lightning, “Son of brat is a brat, no surprise.”

Naruto dodging and making a small rasenshuriken, “you are old and slow, and no way my Dad was a brat!”

Suddenly he is hit in the face with a force of black lightning an knocked back near the alliance ninja.

Naruto, “Ghaaah!!!” he is on his back with black lighting sparking on his body. {why am I still here? Man I should have poofed out form that. The chakra clock saved me I guess.}

Temari, “hmmm, is that your plan? Rushing head first with a short range fighter with that much power? Foolish, I thought you had grown, but I guess only in power.”

Naruto grinning points at the Edo Kage.

The Edo Raikage looks down and sees a small rasenshuriken slipped into his vest, “Well played, “


We see the sealed Raikage just like the Tsuchikage.

Naruto, “well I guess I should go help Gaara and grandpa Tsuchikage!”

Temari watches him leave, “you are foolish, powerful, and foolish. I pity the Leaf if he is this way if he becomes Hokage.”

Naruto appears to have heard her as he is jumping off, but says nothing.

We see Bee and Naruto jumping at high speeds.

Naruto, “come on Uncle Bee we gotta go , I have to …Ughhh!!!!”

He falls on his face, the seal designs on his aura start to disappear, and Naruto is trying to get up, “what is happening to me?”


Naruto is on his way to Gaara an company.

Tsuchikage hovers in front of Naruto stopping his progress.

Naruto, “Grandpa Tsuchikage?”

Tsuchikage, “we must talk, now.”

Naruto, “I can’t I have to…”

The Tsuchikage has an angry look on his face, “stop it!”

Suddenly he makes several rock clones and they grab Naruto. Before he can even speak two more come form below and grabs his legs.

Naruto, “what are you doing?!”

Tsuchikage, “you are gonna stand ther and listen to what I have to say boy! I have lived thru a lot of Kage’s, Hokages included. Not on of them not one of them ever thought they could do it all or expected to be Kage1 Yes some wanted it, some fought for it, hell some didn’t even think they deserved it. But none of the good ones felt they deserved it or it was promised to him! You must show respect as well…”

Naruto flashes to how he talked to Gaara last chapter and holds his head down.

“He is your friend, but he is also a Kage, a respected and trusted comrade on top of that. Why did you see yourself so high and mighty to talk down to him? Also who are you to give anyone orders on a battle formation? You are still a Genin from what I see, you have no experience or completed instruction on doing such.”

Naruto, “You…“


Tsuchikage, “what? A clone all this time? Hmmm, well I hope it sank in, even if it is just a little.”

Bee standing over Naruto, “come on little nephew, we got stuff to do , you can’t be through.”

Naruto closes his eyes and sees…darkness.

A voice, “this is wrong, this is not what I will let you become. No way, not on your life, Naruto Uzumaki!!”

Another voice, “this is going to stop now or you will go no further with this power Naruto, no further.”

Naruto opens his eyes to see the source of the voices.

We see a page with the fox in his cage looking through the bars. The angle is Naruto looking up. In front of the cage standing over a sitting Naruto is 12 year Old Naruto and Sage mode Naruto, both looking angry.

Naruto’s both speaking, “Today is the last day you disgrace us Naruto Uzumaki!”

What is going on what did they do to RS mode, and what are they going to do to Naruto?

Next “The Trail of Naruto Uzumaki!
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