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Re: Jesus, not the first

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
Most people see religion as a bad thing.. some so called religions can be boiled down to a way of life in so many words. various tenets of society outline a way of living.. from personal reflection. peace admiring beauty, taking on certain eating patterns and health"rituals"...
And you can still appreciate the beauty of the world, have certain diets and health "rituals" without religion.

For example, many atheists appreciate the beauty of religious art, like going to Notre Dame in Paris or listen to a requiem, because there's no physical difference between theists and atheists to make the first to perceive beauty and the latter not.

Diets are much more connected to culture rather than religion, being Mediterranean Europe a prime example: you have the same olive & wine basis and the same predominant religion (Catholicism), but you can clearly distinguish French cuisine from the Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish ones. The only thing religion modifies in the diet is forbidding certain foods... pretty much like hypertension and diabetes. I think I'm reaching some epiphany here...

Lastly, health "rituals"? Pardon my ignorance, but what rituals are those? I mean, I know some exist in the Bible, like killing doves to spray the house with blood to prevent leprosy and washing your naughty parts in the nearest river after having a wet dream, but I'll be damned to see any modern Christian doing those rituals.

Philosophy or certain "paths of thought" get popular because many see the outcomes of certain rituals as beneficial.
Funny you put Philosophy in the same bag as Religion, because they might be similar to untrained minds, but they are quite different. While philosophy does share some disciplines with religion, like metaphysics and ethics, philosophy is pretty much the mother of science, with disciplines like rationalism, empiricism, skepticism, logic, etc. You see, many disciplines of philosophy aren't "paths of thought" that one can pick or not, they are vital for a truly trained mind.

some feel energized by refraining from eating.. this "fasting" some view as a religious thing.. others see the benefits of allowing the digestive track time to rest , allowing the body more time to rid itself of toxins.
What a load of bullshit. Feeling energized by refraining from eating? That only happens when the liver is already wasting its resources to release glucose to the impoverished blood to prevent major organ shutdown, something that none in their right mind should be doing (since an organism doesn't live of glucose alone).

Also, fasting does absolutely nothing about toxin excretion. On the contrary, it only makes things worse, because the kidneys (the main excretory organs) don't filter the blood with only water, it needs sodium, potassium, ammonium, ATP, NADH, among others, and drinking water does not suffice the amounts of those ions/molecules, so fasting too long will most probably damage your kidneys rather than helping them excrete toxins.

And before you even think about it, yes, even "bad" cholesterol is worsened by fasting, because the body produces cholesterol by itself and the regulation of such production depends on the amount of cholesterol in the blood, so low amounts of cholesterol in the blood will promote the production of LDL (the "bad" cholesterol) over HDL (the "good cholesterol"), whereas with normal amounts of cholesterol in the blood HDL's production is the one being promoted. So, tl;dr version: you are screwed by eating unhealthy fats and by not eating any fats at all.

meditation or self reflection is good for all human beings.. does this give way to morality..
Meditation.. or "Prayer" as some would call reflecting on ones self.. analyzing places in which they would like to see their lives improved.. surely there can be no negatives to that

Have some of these philosophical, moral, and self beneficial rituals gone overboard in their different guises... sure.. but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater... human beings should be fully capable of weeding out the good intentions or inherent good .. from all the bullshit that's layered on top of it.
Claiming religion as source of morality... again? I thought I already told you that isn't the case whatsoever, or else mankind would be extinct even before religion was born. The rest is just more reused failed arguments.

If not television, books , and other forms of propaganda might have more of an influence than I thought
First, television and books are not propaganda, they're media (which may or may not include propaganda).

Second, "might have"? It's not a subjective matter we're handling, it's pretty much factual: humanity and its accomplishments shape our morality and behavior since we're social beings. It's by interacting with others that we learn such things, be it with our family, study or a dusty millenarian tome. The thing about religion is that as humanity evolves, so does its general behavior and certain aspects of morality and clinging to a clearly outdated set of values only originates trouble.
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