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Re: Jesus, not the first

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
If you get rid of all the stupid shit, then it's not going to be called a religion. Definitely not a theistic religion.

Besides, shit like morality aren't exclusive to religion anyway. 'Getting rid' of one doesn't imply getting rid of the other, at all.
a rose by any other name.. you don't have to call it a religion but weeding out the bullshit would be important... ok for instance one tenant of old school Islam says you have to have a beard.. well that doesn't hold true today.. the previous generations grew long beards to protect their faces from the searing sand of the desert.. somehow this suggestion got thrown outta wack.. if you can look beyond the bullshit you can see where certain "suggestions" were needed.

In Christianity's old testament there are warnings against "un-clean people" looking back at the times and the medicine of that time one would find good reason to stay away from a penis or vagina with an excessive flow.. wouldn't want to catch what they have now would you.. but somehow this "word of wisdom got incorporated into doctrine.. don't we in today's society heed the same warnings for our benefit!
Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Ugh - another idiotic defense. Religion has good things in it so don't condemn the whole thing. Sorry, a rapist might pay taxes that support the mental rehabilitation of his victim... but he's still a fucking rapist and should be shot or gelded or something.
that's a bad analogy seeing as to how you're comparing one thing with implied righteousness with something that is utterly unrighteous
A) your first sentence is wrong. Most people in this forum think it is bad, but most people in the world agree, follow and worship religion. That's one of the major problems.
like I said weed out the bullshit and find the underlying meaning
B) Baby with the bathwater? Why not? Because major religions have a history of adopting, absorbing and altering existing beliefs and traditions. Such as Christmas, Easter, the returning saviour (HEY! I'm back on topic) myth, the one god of the jewish slaves in Egypt, etc etc. These things existed before religion, along with morality, philosophy, meditation and fasting. You don't need a god or an organization to enjoy or practice any of this crap.
Never said you had to
Religion arose as a political, military and social control in the dark ages to organize, control and direct nations and peoples to one groups will. They are not chosen by governments or people and hold vast financial stores and like to condemn anyone who doesn't follow their lead. That's a large potential for a lot of evil, like telling people in Africa that condoms spread AIDS, leading to a worsening of the existing epidemic.
here you say they are political, military, and social control.. that denotes government then you say it's not chosen by the government.. so the people themselves are choosing to socially controll themselves.. which lends credence to the morality issue i bought up earlier.. most religions say do right by others or do unto them as you'd want done to you .. where's the inherent evil puppetry you speak of?
See, morality does not necessarily stem from religion at all. I'd never do that... I"m more moral than the pope and I'm not the one who is "infallible."
I never said it if you go back and read you'll see that I was getting at certain moral standards leading itself into becoming a religion.. or "way of life" as I think I put it. for instance.. a group of moral standards propagated by one individual seems appealing to another and then another .. soon this grows into a sect and once shit hits critical mass it gets called a religion.. Confucius only added to what Socrates left behind and Jesus only added to things that were there before him
Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
And you can still appreciate the beauty of the world, have certain diets and health "rituals" without religion.

For example, many atheists appreciate the beauty of religious art, like going to Notre Dame in Paris or listen to a requiem, because there's no physical difference between theists and atheists to make the first to perceive beauty and the latter not.
Diets are much more connected to culture rather than religion, being Mediterranean Europe a prime example: you have the same olive & wine basis and the same predominant religion (Catholicism), but you can clearly distinguish French cuisine from the Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish ones. The only thing religion modifies in the diet is forbidding certain foods... pretty much like hypertension and diabetes. I think I'm reaching some epiphany here...
Lastly, health "rituals"? Pardon my ignorance, but what rituals are those? I mean, I know some exist in the Bible, like killing doves to spray the house with blood to prevent leprosy and washing your naughty parts in the nearest river after having a wet dream, but I'll be damned to see any modern Christian doing those rituals.
Fasting as I stated earlier is a ritual that has health benefits and both Christians and Muslims practice fasting

Funny you put Philosophy in the same bag as Religion, because they might be similar to untrained minds, but they are quite different. While philosophy does share some disciplines with religion, like metaphysics and ethics, philosophy is pretty much the mother of science, with disciplines like rationalism, empiricism, skepticism, logic, etc. You see, many disciplines of philosophy aren't "paths of thought" that one can pick or not, they are vital for a truly trained mind.
again I implore you to realize that Plato, Socrates and Confucius had "followers" if you follow Confucius' "path of thought" you're labeled as a Confucian .. much in the same manner those who follow Jesus' teachings are labeled "Christians"

What a load of bullshit. Feeling energized by refraining from eating? That only happens when the liver is already wasting its resources to release glucose to the impoverished blood to prevent major organ shutdown, something that none in their right mind should be doing (since an organism doesn't live of glucose alone).

Also, fasting does absolutely nothing about toxin excretion. On the contrary, it only makes things worse, because the kidneys (the main excretory organs) don't filter the blood with only water, it needs sodium, potassium, ammonium, ATP, NADH, among others, and drinking water does not suffice the amounts of those ions/molecules, so fasting too long will most probably damage your kidneys rather than helping them excrete toxins.

And before you even think about it, yes, even "bad" cholesterol is worsened by fasting, because the body produces cholesterol by itself and the regulation of such production depends on the amount of cholesterol in the blood, so low amounts of cholesterol in the blood will promote the production of LDL (the "bad" cholesterol) over HDL (the "good cholesterol"), whereas with normal amounts of cholesterol in the blood HDL's production is the one being promoted. So, tl;dr version: you are screwed by eating unhealthy fats and by not eating any fats at all.
the bold and underlined part is what's important.. lets take this slowly.. Dr. atkins approved a method of eating that he saw as beneficial to the body.. whether it was true or not people followed the Atkins diet. In Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, they all have "diets, some don't eat pork and others shellfish. consuming animals who are basically the "livers of the earth" through their manner of eating trash n shit .. why would it be a good thing to put those animals with their toxin laden bodies into your already toxic body. Now these religions say that "God" doesn't want you to eat them so that people will obey these.. but you have free will to either eat the toxic crap or don't it's your choice.. regardless of you being a believer or not.. the science behind the diets would remain the same

Claiming religion as source of morality... again? I thought I already told you that isn't the case whatsoever, or else mankind would be extinct even before religion was born. The rest is just more reused failed arguments.
I'm claiming the opposite.. that morality gives rise to "life paths" which give rise to sects which in turn become religions

First, television and books are not propaganda, they're media (which may or may not include propaganda).

Second, "might have"? It's not a subjective matter we're handling, it's pretty much factual: humanity and its accomplishments shape our morality and behavior since we're social beings. It's by interacting with others that we learn such things, be it with our family, study or a dusty millenarian tome. The thing about religion is that as humanity evolves, so does its general behavior and certain aspects of morality and clinging to a clearly outdated set of values only originates trouble.
Like you said religions evolve.. but first lets take a look at the social beings part.. as social beings Life paths or religions as some call the more extreme of these are shared by finding a common ground of morality or belief system if you will.. those who don't believe in a God share that belief in a circle we call atheists and different moral and belief groups gather together wanting to be around other like minded individuals in various forms from Mormonism, Baptist< Lutheran, Catholic, Sunni, Shiite, ect. this grouping together and becoming organized is what creates religion. Now once again if we could evolve and look through the bullshit we might be able to find some common ground on which to stand!
for those of you who don't understand.. I'm coming from an illogical perspective so your logic won't fit my argument .. it'll only give you a headache.. remember ..belief doesn't require a co-signer There Is A Fine Line Between Genius And Insanity , I Have Erased This Line ! If I were you I'd hate me too.. I am the HUMAN RASENGAN!!!

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