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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

So I finally got around to setting up my printer to upload the pictures off my phone (my computer doesn't have a MicroSD card port on it and my printer was in storage) and sorted through the 178 pictures I took of various things at Carnival of Chaos. Now for some shots of the festivities.

Excuse any graininess or blur due to the phone only have a 3 megapixel camera and crappy lighting even with the flash.

Most of the bands that played are local bands that are using the show to gain some publicity to go beyond bar shows. There were, I think, like 10 bands that weren't local of the 50ish total.

The place was a giant clusterfuck of disorganization. It was fun, but disappointing. Hatebreed, Kittie, and Dope all cancelled for different reasons (will explain in the day breakdowns), and several side attractions were cancelled (midget wrestling, lingerie pillow fights, female body oil wrestling, body suspension, and the devil dolls stunt riders) without any announcements to the fans. Each day had several delays that pushed the bands sets back. Only one stage was put up for 50ish bands when it was announced for 3 stages. Several of the bands didn't know how long their sets were so they kept checking with the crew, one band even had their set shut down in the middle of a song (everything but the mic was cut). I had fun, but I'm not sure if I'm going to go to it next year, if it happens.

Day 1

Fable of Deceit - My friend's band (the one that sold me the tickets), he's the guitarist (on the right).
FoD 1
FoD 2
FoD 3

Paradigm - I have no idea why they were wearing druidic robes, but most of them ditched them after a song or 2 because it was 90 degrees out and there was little in the way of shade. By little I mean there was shade on the stage, sort of, and our tents. They had a good sound to them.

Night of 1000 Knives
Night 1
Night 2
Night 3

Hollow Drive
Singer 1
Singer 2
Singer 3
Singer 4
Singer 5

Lead Guitarist 1
Lead Guitar 2
Lead Guitar 3
Lead Guitar 4
Lead Guitar 5
Next 2 were taken during the solo for their cover of Sevendust's "Black", which this guy did primary vocals for as well.
Lead Guitar 6
Lead Guitar 7

Bassist 1
Bassist 2
Bassist 3
Bassist 4
Bassist headbanging
Last of the bassist shots

Drummer (I took like 6 pics of him, but when you're sitting behind a set it's hard to get many different action shots).

Mine Enemies Fall (my favorite band of the first day).

I met the singer a couple times over the weekend (they were camping at the venue as well), he gave me and my friend a few free tickets to a show they were playing the next weekend, which I had to miss because of work. Dude was cool as hell.

Singer 1
Singer 2
Singer 3
Singer 4

First guitarist 1
Both guitarists and bassist headbanging
First guitarist 3
First guitarist 4

First guitarist and bassist

Bassist 1
Bassist 2

Second guitarist 1
Second guitarist 2
Second guitarist 3
Second guitarist 4

I say "first" and "second" guitarist because I honestly wasn't paying much attention to who was lead and who was rhythm, the music was that good. I'm almost certain the first guitarist was lead, though.

Drummer 1
Drummer 2
Drummer, bassist, guitarist. At the end of their set the drummer declared that he was black (it's rare for a black man to be in a metal band, let alone a metal band's drummer), to which everyone cheered.

That's all for Day 1. Hatebreed was supposed to headline it, but they cancelled because the band and the guy running the show couldn't agree on a contract so they went their separate ways (after supposedly telling each other to fuck off). Hatebreed then went on to play a free show 20 minutes down the road that same night. Not a damn thing was announced to the people at Carnival. We found out from the friend in Fable of Deceit.
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