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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Day 2

2 hour delay due to the crew working on Mushroomhead's set and sound checks. So during that time, a small band set up at the back of the camping area and were just jamming. They're called "Mental Breakdown", and were lacking a singer, but it was still cool.

Mental Breakdown 1
Mental Breakdown 2

Gravel Pit (I think)
Gravel Pit 1
Gravel Pit 2
Gravel Pit 3

Blue Felix (biggest surprisingly good band of the weekend)
Singer 1
Singer 2
Singer 3
Singer 4
Singer 5. Btw, he had this weird tendency to spit on the mic, then act like he's beating it off, which is what he was doing in this pic.
Singer 6
Singer 7
Singer 8
The singer's mic had a part that looked kinda like brass knuckles on one side of it, there was a spike that pointed down at the bottom of the mic and a spike that pointed away from the mic. So there were times he acted like the mic was a gun (the bottom had an opening to look like a barrel)/needle to inject drugs with. He was also goofy as hell and would randomly try jumping onto the keyboardist's back.

Guitarist 1
Guitarist 2
Guitarist 3
Guitarist 4
Guitarist 5
Guitarist 6
Guitarist 7
Guitarist 8

Rhythm Guitarist 1 (in the leather jacket)
Rhythm Guitarist 2
Rhythm Guitarist 3
Rhythm Guitarist 4

I just noticed that I didn't get any shots of the bassist by himself, so he's the guy in the white shirt that's painted to look like a prison jumpsuit. Some of these pics will be repeats.
Bassist 1
Bassist 2
Bassist/lead guitarist/Drummer
Bassist/Rhythm Guitarist/Singer
Bassist doing backing vocals


Shots of the moshpit behind me. There were a couple of chicks that were moshing hard.
Moshpit 1
Moshpit 2
Moshpit 3

For a hint as to what the band is like, this video was shot at the show I was attending.

Me with most of the band. We were yelling at the bassist because he darted off to their merch tent for something.
Me with all of the band. Not sure why this picture is so fuzzy when everything else was relatively clear.

Dead by Wednesday
DbW 1
DbW 2

Ventana 1
Ventana 2
Ventana 3
Ventana 4
Ventana 5

Sin Thereom (they tossed out bags of weed to the crowd and played "America, Fuck Yeah!")
Sin Thereom 1
Sin Thereom 2
Sin Thereom 3
Sin Thereom 4
Sin Thereom 5
Sin Thereom 6
Sin Thereom 7
Sin Thereom 8
Sin Thereom 9
Next 2 shots were during their cover of "America, Fuck Yeah!" along with the singer for a band that played earlier and whose name escapes me.
Sin Thereom 10
Sin Thereom 11
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