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Re: Jesus, not the first

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
You can spout off things easily but unlike so many when I have a question about things I go to the source.. I have asked Muslims that Identify with The Nation of Islam and Sunni Muslims what they believe and have attended Jumu'ah services and asked an Imam questions about their religion. From the answers given and the classes I sat in on.. this is where i draw my information for their definition of God.
I call bullshit. What I posted I got from Muslim websites and general knowledge that comes from being an atheist (you know, logical minds wanting to understand the irrationality of religion), along with communicating with Muslims.

I never compared Sunni and Shiite Muslims.. so again just throwing bullshit in the air to make yourself feel smart.. but kudos on your knowledge or lack thereof
Ok, so you instead compared the Sunnis with a group that follows black supremacy sprinkled with some Islamic beliefs, that was created by a guy that claimed to be a manifestation of Allah (since that's what the Nation of Islam is, a Detroit based Islamic cult). The Nation of Islam is NOT a good source of information about Islam.

And before you go "but Malcolm X wuz a ministur" he LEFT to join the Sunni sect.

On the Mormon thing how can you tell me one thing and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints commonly called Mormons say's something totally different.
Because the Mormons are fucking insane. They followed a man that wrote his own version of the bible based on golden tablets, that no one else has seen, and he was alone when he wrote it. Said bible was also lost and a new translation, which was slightly different than the first copy, was used. They believe in magic underwear that can protect you from anything ranging from the cold to bullets and fire. They believe that Christ didn't rise to heaven, but instead came to America to preach to the natives (or the lost 13th tribe of the ancient Israelites). Mormons believed that Eden was originally in Montana

I lived with a Mormon family when I was in Colorado and attended church with them on a regular basis and even was baptized into the church at one point in time.
Um...I seriously doubt that with how strict the Mormons are with their memberships. You wouldn't have been able to go if they so much as suspected you weren't completely faithful, I don't give a shit if you were "baptized" into it.

Before you can do that you must learn the Articles of faith . the tenets of the religion as set forth in the scripture of the old and new testament, the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price.
"Old and new testament"...and now I know you're full of shit. The Mormons to use the old/new testaments. Joseph Smith was, supposedly, told by God to disavow the church and then wrote his own Bible, the Book of Mormon. In fact, he was so devoted to the lie that he wrote a slightly different version of the book of mormon after his friend lost the original.

Furthermore it's true there is a planet for God named Kolob which is in the milky way but in Mormonism God isn't a a ethereal blob or ghost thingy sitting on a cloud but a Man of flesh and bone but not of blood.. God or Elohim as they say his proper name is, along with Jesus , visited Joseph Smith in the state of New York and revealed to him that he should not join any church as they all were false.
Actually, God appeared before Joseph Smith as a pillar of light. Jesus wasn't anywhere in the picture. Get the story right if you're going to claim to be an ex-Mormon

Years later God sent the angel Mormon,also a being that had a physical body, to Smith to reveal to him the location of the plates of Mormon hidden in the Hill Kumorah in Palmyra,NY so smith could begin the restoration of the true church of God( Ie. minus all the bullshit as you would say it)
Again, get the story right if you're going to try spouting it. The angel wasn't Mormon. Mormon was the native american that transcribed the golden plates Joseph Smith used to create the Book of Mormon. The angel just pointed him in the direction of the spot the native americans buried the plates.

Now in Islam Elohim is not only the title for god but also of his angles. and God isn't a stationary unit but a revolving pantheon of successors that gain the title of Elohim or God.. whoever assumes this title makes the rules and laws mankind is supposed to abide by for an age or one great year ( 25,0000 years roughly the time it take the earth to reach it's starting point in procession) each age has a ruler the previous one was Anu or Annanuki.. spoken of in the old testament as Anuk.. or the God of the Canaanite people before the current god Yahweh ( or Jehovah) became ruler of the Gods and all others were forced to submit to his rule until we enter the next great year or Age of Aquarius and the next divine scientist or "Best Know-er" takes the helm and sits on the thrown of Elohim.. which is a title of leadership in much the same way our american president changes every 4 years but it is the office of president which is honored and not the man himself.
What the fuck is this about? Seriously, you've got your shit all over the place and all of it is wrong. In Islam, God is "Allah". Allah is Arabic for "the deity". There's no pantheon of successors for Allah, He just is. As for the rest of this crap, I'm not even going to bother with trying to understand your drivel.

Jesus was asked a question by his disciples of how long they would have him.. and his famous response was until the end of the age. The age of Pisces. Isn't it interesting that all these people have the Jesus fish logo on thir car but yet don't understand it's significance
It's more interesting where the fuck you came up with that. The fish is due to Christ feeding 5,000 starving people with bread and fish, one of his "miracles" being that he multiplied the loaves and fish to feed everyone after a little boy asked him how he was going to feed them all. There's also the fact that a few of the Apostles were fishermen. Then there's how Christ described God's decision on who will go to heaven or hell by equating it to a fisherman sorting their catches (this was back when the primary method of fishing was using a big net), taken from Matthew 13:47-50. Oh, let's not forget that Christ and the Apostles were sometimes referred to as "fishers of men" (Mark 1:17). The sign of Pisces has nothing to do with it since the time of Christ's death was during the sign of Aries

Now as for my father he was a believer in the teachings of The nation of Islam which is Islam that was born here in America and they don't abide by sharia Law.
Actually, Muslim households and communities abide by Sharia Law. The country itself does not abide by it. Due to the First Amendment granting freedom of religion, the government cannot interfere with certain aspects of Sharia Law (honor killings are one of the exceptions to that rule).

None the less if one would ask a member of the nation of Islam what their faith is they would tell you Islam or Muslim since they too follow the teachings of Muhammad out of the Qur'an
Except the Nation of Islam is a black supremacist group, much like the Klan, that completely ignores several tenets of the Muslim faith (like having a human as the manifestation of Allah, something that even Mohammad didn't have the balls to claim when Islam was first created)

Now that we've cleared the air on the subject I can't see where i was wrong in stating that Mormons and Muslims believe that God in fact has a body like that of a human.
Because an omnipotent being like a God is NOT supposed to have a human body. An omnipotent being like God is supposed to be beyond form and comprehension. If he's limited to a human form, he's not omnipotent.

Hell, the common depiction of Christ is wrong. The description of Christ is that of an African American or Arabic man, yet the common depiction of him is a white bearded man with long wavy hair.

See this is the problem with you guys and your debates on religion.. you assume much instead of seeking answers from the correct places
You assume you actually know what you're trying to talk about. We, on the other hand, do know what we're talking about. Atheists are some of the best religious researchers out there, due to the lack of a religious bias.

Tl;dr: you're a fucking idiot and you need to shut up about this shit. Go back to playing with play-doh or something.
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