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Re: Hello again!

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
You like to rewrite history don't you or maybe your memory is failing you....
Nono, my memory is fine (considering all the drugs pushed into me over a 3 week period). I distinctly remember Mibs giving you an address for a grocery store, a time and date to be there, a description of himself, AND offering to cover your travel fees if you did as you threatened. I remember you then pulling a Myth and going "nah, you gotta come to me so I can beat your ass" and "you'll just have security call the cops cuz the scary black guy is beating the little white guy" among other pussy cop outs.

how sad dementia setting in at such an early age..
Nah, if I had dementia my memory of you would be something cool or some other bullshit. Or I wouldn't even remember how to use my computer, take your pick.

tisk tisk tisk oh and instead of saying you're a dickrider I'd be more precise if I said you were fawning over Mibs
fawn2    [fawn] Show IPA
verb (used without object)
to seek notice or favor by servile demeanor: The courtiers fawned over the king.

1. toady, truckle, flatter, kowtow.
So by agreeing with Mibs I'm fawning over him? The fuck are you on? All you baby blues say the same shit when getting ripped into by Mibs and anyone with a red name or is a known associate of OH (num, kluang, etc): "loldey r saying da same ting, fukin dik rydrs"

hey you guys are right .. arguing with proper evidence is fun!
Please show me your "proper evidence". Unless you're using evidence to show what a complete moron you really are. In which case said evidence is perfect.

Edit@Mibs: I lyke da wimminz. No nuthugging for me unless a girl is "hugging" mine.

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