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Re: Jesus, not the first

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Here are your words dumbass:

I don't know what you think that means, but it surely sounds like you are telling him that he should consider using his second hand to count, as if he a) wouldn't think to use other digits available to him, b) that he needs his hands to count and c) he doesn't know how many fingers are on one hand that he needs you to remind him it is five.

How is that not calling him dumb? Wow, you're stupid.
He is an idiot because he uses elements from the sumerian and babilonian cultures but he doesn't know that they've shared the gods. That's why i said five. Go research stuff if you plan to find your so called truth. Oh, and it's quite a feat for you to be able to count huh?

Wow, you're stupid.
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