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Originally Posted by Vishnu View Post
He is an idiot because he uses elements from the sumerian and babilonian cultures but he doesn't know that they've shared the gods. That's why i said five. Go research stuff if you plan to find your so called truth. Oh, and it's quite a feat for you to be able to count huh?

Wow, you're stupid.
Ok you obviously missed the point of this little exercise.. lets take look at the main theme of this thread.. It goes into the fact that there are many parallels to the themes of Jesus that exist in cultures all over the world that have nothing to do with one another.

Taking that into account one could draw the conclusion that many religions borrow things from those religions that came before them.. Christmas and the Pagan Winter Solstice celebration is a good example of this.

You're in such a mode to want to come down on me and look cool ( don't worry I've seen this plenty times before) to actually take a look at what you're saying before you say it. It's cool tho bro.. I know and I understand

Originally Posted by ninjalostboy95 View Post
I can't add anything because I don't know much about this type of stuff, so just ignore this post.

My apologies HR, I didn't read that much. Won't happen again.
That's cool lil man you and I have had our lil squabbles in the past but you still cool as a fan in my book.

And don't be afraid to join the conversation sometimes a question is worth ten times a quick answer* give that a sec to sink in and you'll understand**
for those of you who don't understand.. I'm coming from an illogical perspective so your logic won't fit my argument .. it'll only give you a headache.. remember ..belief doesn't require a co-signer There Is A Fine Line Between Genius And Insanity , I Have Erased This Line ! If I were you I'd hate me too.. I am the HUMAN RASENGAN!!!

The power of despair is great in you.

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