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Re: Jesus, not the first

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
Ok you obviously missed the point of this little exercise.. lets take look at the main theme of this thread.. It goes into the fact that there are many parallels to the themes of Jesus that exist in cultures all over the world that have nothing to do with one another.

Taking that into account one could draw the conclusion that many religions borrow things from those religions that came before them.. Christmas and the Pagan Winter Solstice celebration is a good example of this.

You're in such a mode to want to come down on me and look cool ( don't worry I've seen this plenty times before) to actually take a look at what you're saying before you say it. It's cool tho bro.. I know and I understand
Wow, you really are stupid.
My original post refered to you borrowing from 5 different religions to create a giant shit called "truth". Something that was composed by Babilonian and Sumerian religion, islamic religion, christian religion and jewish religion. I called your shit and you panicked and started to tell me that i don't know how to count. Instead you just proved that you're an idiot, because when you want to uncover the truth of the Universe, one of the requirements i belive is to fucking know what gods are you making use for. It's like: "Hey, Odin still resides on mount Olympus? "

Also the main idea of the thread is not to be found in you non-sense bullshit theory that sumerian gods are elected every 25000 and Jesus was the last one and the next one is about to be elected. Who elects them by the way?
Oh, and i just wanted to point out: democracy doesn't apply for gods. There isn't a right for opinion, a vote, you don't get to reshuffle the god and replace him.

Anyway the general conclusion is: Wow, you're stupid.
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