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Re: Games and all things related

Originally Posted by Servo View Post
That looks pretty badass. What is it, like a multiplayer hack-and-slash?
Originally Posted by Trey View Post
Single player. Although there is co op, I think.
Nah. Not hack and slash, and as long as you're playing connected to the interwebs than it's almost always in multiplayer mode. It's just a really unique multiplayer type of game.

I'm actually not sure what type of game you would classify it as. I would guess it's like an action RPG or some shit. Because you level up certain stats based on whatever you want your guy to be able to do and shit. But it's really flexible in that regard. Some melee weapons rely on strength, others on dex, others on your magical ability or faith, etc. Same with ranged weapons, and magic abilities are also separated into categories. I think three in Dark Souls. Demon Souls had just magic and faith. You build your guy to use the weapons you like, and the magic you like.

But even if you're decked out in awesome armor and have awesome weapons and are a high level and shit, you can still easy die to even normal enemies if you're careless. That's what gave Demon's Souls the reputation of being hard as fuck. Anything can kill you pretty quick if you suck. Definitely not a hack-and-slash. Everything you do takes some stamina. From rolling and sprinting to swinging your weapon and blocking. So if you just start hacking away mindlessly at a group of enemies you'll waste all your stamina and won't be able to block or evade their attacks. Meaning you're pretty much fucking dead. There are also a ton of different attacks for each weapon other than the standard combo string. And Dark Souls weapons have even more attacks than Demon's Souls.

The Bosses are usually pretty beastly. It's like old school type games where you'd see what they do and figure out when it's safe to attack. And a lot of them are pretty fucking badass. Like, in Demon's Souls there was this giant old hero dude with a massive sword, but he was blind. But he was good as fuck at fighting and would berserk the crap out of you once he figured out where you were. You could try to fight him straight up like a total badass, but it's hard as fuck since he can easily kill you in seconds (Like any boss in the game can, as well as a lot of the normal enemies, if you fuck up at all), or you can try to be quiet and stealth attack ambush him a fuckload. So it was pretty awesome. There were other monsters like giant flame demon that just jump around all fast and try to punch the fuck out of you, leaving flaming lava shit wherever he slams his fists, or a cool demon knight dude with a penetrater sword who will literally penetrate you with his sword, lift you up while you're impaled, then slam you through a stone column, usually either killing you or putting you close as fuck to death. That was just the dude in Demon's Souls. Some of the bosses I've seen in the Dark Souls videos look even more manly.

Oh, and the multiplayer is kinda weird. The most basic shit is that people can leave messages on the ground that other players can see. So if there is a trap or some shit ahead, someone could leave a message saying to look the fuck out and shit. You can also see little blood stains on the ground that mean another player died in that area recently in his game. You can click on the bloodstain to see a little spectra ghost image thing of that guy and how he died. Which might help you avoid ending up the same way.

Then there is the actual co-op and PvP shit. Co-op works like the message system. You leave your sign on the ground and another player can summon you into his world so you can help him out. You benefit by gaining souls and, I guess in Dark Souls, humanity. Which you can use to gain your normal human body back in your game (I assume the form you must be in to summon your own allies.). In Demon Souls you'd have to help the dude beat the boss in the area to get your body back. Dying before then sends you back to your world. So it's not your standard co-op where you just invite a buddy and go through the levels. It's more like you summon a fellow hero or two to temporarily aid you as you struggle to survive the horrors of your world, and shit.

PvP isn't like a team deathmatch or anything either. In Demon's Souls you would put down a different sign which would automatically summon you to some random guy's world. He wouldn't summon you or anything. You'd just show up while he's going through an area and it's your job to kill him and take his fucking soul, like some evil red demon dude. Which really makes the game awesome and manly as fuck. Because not only would you be going around battling enemies that can fuck you up and shit, but you also have to battle other players who invade your world while you're doing that shit. Bad guy wins and he would get his body back, you win and you get a chunk of his souls.

Dark Souls expands upon that shit with some covenant system or some shit. There really aren't tons of details on exactly how it works just yet. But it looks like there are a bunch of new ways to interact with others in those regards. Like, if you get invaded and killed you can put the player who invaded you into some "book of the guilty." And heroic souls of vengeance/justice can then choose a player from that book to kill, and invade the original invader's world to do so. You can also put down some thing called a 'gravelord sign' which creates some gravelord demon or some shit in some random guy's world. Which then summons black phantom type enemies in that area, which are scary mother fuckers. So that dude can find the gravelord and destroy it, and if he wants he can then stealth invade the gravelord summoner's world to kill him. Etc. I dunno if I'm explaining this shit right, but it sounds pretty fucking awesome to me.

Seriously, Demon's Souls was awesome as fuck, and Dark Souls keeps looking better and better every time I see something about it. Only people I've ever seen that disliked Demon's Souls are pussies who thought it was too hard for one reason or another. The game doesn't hold your hand and reward you for the simplest of tasks, like most games now. It treats you like a goddamn man and you seriously have to earn your manly victories and accomplishments.

Edit2: Fuck yeah, those demon monster things look badass, also a bit of story or some shit.

Edit: Yeah, I think Dragon's Dogma looks like it might be pretty decent too. I like how you can climb up on monsters and fuck them up, and the pawn system looks like it could be pretty cool too. Oh, and fuck yeah, Skyrim. And maybe fuck yeah, TOR. Still kinda undecided on that one.
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