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Re: Games and all things related

For my rpGoT, I have been trying to fit the entire map of westeros and the better part of essos, into the space allowed with in the game engine I'm using. Its exceedingly difficult, and I am being forced to make certain concessions to fit it all. I may have to change the setting of the game to a much earlier time period in the fictions history. The southern half of westeros particularly might be too densely populated to fit all of the modern castles and holdfasts.

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
Been back into Titan Quest these past few days, kicking even more ass than I remembered. Level 18 and still haven't chosen a second mastery, just been pumping everything into a few Warfare skills.
Titans Quest was a decent D2 clone, but I felt was remarkably easy, and that was with an uncharacteristic disregard for character design. If I would have planned out my original player, he could have probably ran through the game without using/activating a single power/skill/spell.

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God i forgot about this game. I used to play it a lot back in my old times.
Damn if five years ago is now old times.... I must be ancient.
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