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Re: Scientists Worry over 'Bizarre' Trial for Failing to Predict Earthquake

Thought I lived in a overly litigious society.

This is pretty ridiculous. If the scientific community was actually aware of an impending event, and actively decided not to warn the public that's one thing. But if the means are beyond their current capability... Yeah, its crazy to hold them criminally and civilly liable. Doubly so considering the area is historically known for seismic activity.

This sounds oftly similar to a situation that arises here in the states all too often. People who live on the beach, then bitch and moan that a hurricane sucked their house into the great blue abyss, or those who plant an unsecured, foundation-less mobile home in an area unaffectionately called 'tornado alley' then cry when said tin can is thrown into the next county by a freaking tornado. Like who could have imagined?

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