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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Oh yeah, little anniversary just past - Nevermind is 20 years old. I can understand that the vast majority of members here (who also don't read the spam zone) have no clue what that is, but if you were around and conscious enough to be listening to music, it was the day the 80s were put away and hard, raw and driving music and lyrics were thrust into the spot light, dragging along a large group of counterculture musicians making the frustrated and obscure gen-X the mainstream - and eventually killing of its poster boy.

Not sure it could have happened any other way.

In any case, it defined early 90s if not all the 90s in terms of music and it was a hell of a time to be listening. Given that these days music is highly dominated by an 80s like polish across all genres of music, countless Michael Jackson/Madonna clones and glorified karaoke, it's worth noting that there was a time that a small time, different album that the record company didn't even do anything to truly promote conquered the charts and changed the landscape of music.
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