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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post

First off, good call for not reading Bleach - it is garbage.

Second, Tru Blood. Watched the first season with friend when it came out, what, 3 years ago? Anyway, I liked the first season. Sure, not my cup of tea, and there were some crappy developments here and there, but it was okay, totally watchable and even great in some stuff. The villain in the first season was cool.

Second season was...okay. The bad stuff in the series increased, but it was still watchable. I cannot explain 'the bad stuff' well. When I watch this series, I am either really interested in something (or laughing) or I am completely struck by the stupidity of the scenes. So much that I actually get so pissed off that my throat starts hurting how fucking stupid it is. But anyway, I'll come to that later.

Third season started off quite cool. But it is in this season that characters have started doing what makes me want to punch the monitor so fucking hard - no character is consistent to himself/herself. In one moment this character is like this and in the next changes completely. And that Tara. I am just so wriggly when she is on screen or I turn around and not watch the scene so I don't get the urge to kick something. In one moment she is like 'oh Sookeh my best friend i love u imma gonna tell u everything!' and three fucking minutes later she is like 'fuck u and ur vamps Sook! i fucking hate ur guts omg!' and runs away. FOR FUCKING TENTH TIME IN THE SERIES. The ending was so terrible I decided to drop the series completely and stop trying. Eric was turned into a faggot. I thought Bill buried Eric and is a badass who had some kind of a cool plan. But no. Eric comes out like it's nothing, and does not fucking kill Bill???!!!! WHAT THE FUCK?? He says that he has done something worse - made him break up with his girlfriend! Jesus fucking Christ how fucking vampiric of you, Viking!

The fourth season, as I said earlier, I didn't want to watch, but a few days ago I came back to the apartment and my roommate started watching it, saying he is bored. So for some reason I join him. The start is terrible, but then first 4 episodes become quite watchable and I actually don't want to punch a baby while watching it. After those 4 episodes though...

I have never watched a work with more plot holes, inconsistent characterization, senseless development, meaningless sex and most idiotic plot twists. I have no idea how have I watched it at all. I have one episode left of season 4 and I am struggling not to watch it, but I am always like 'hey, I watched everything, why not see how deep can this sink?'. And I was like that for too long, so much that 90% of every episode I am pissed off. Bad for my health to see such bad writing.

So, either something is wrong with me as an audience, or this series is so terrible is makes me want to rip my hair off.
Fuck True Blood. The show sucks ass, but the books it is based on are actually kinda okay though. Too bad the HBO people strayed entirely too far from the actual storyline.
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