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Re: Naruto_557_Prediction/Spoilers_Discussion

Naruto 559: Legacy

Panel shows Alliance headquarters. Tsunade, raikage and shikaku are stood together.

Tsunade: The fourth?!! How can that be?! How could they summon the fourth?!!
Raikage: We need to confirm this intel asap Tsunade, if they really have managed to summon Minato then we may need to retreat and reformulate our battle strategy.
Raikage: As we are currently deployed, with Minato under their control we could be annihilated before the day is out.
Shikaku: if you would take my advice, raikage and hokage, then I wouldn't worry about the Fourth or Naruto.
Raikage: What?!!! If this intel is true he already has Naruto do you even understand the-
Tsunade: Raikage if you please, ok Shikaku explain.

Shikaku: based on the intel we received the Fourth appeared next to Naruto who was already unconscious, and said 'do not worry about him, hold the tide as long as you can' and then disappeared again taking Naruto.

Tsunade: You think that the Fourth is not under the enemies control...then why not bring Naruto here, why not come here himself?!

Raikage: I agree with Tsunade here Shikaku, with Minato on our side the tides of battle would have completely turned in our favour, Minato would
surely have known that.

Shikaku: I can only surmise from the facts available, but he spoke which means at the very least his personality was intact, if what he said was true then it indicates he does have a plan and he wants us to hold out for as long possible and more importantly...

Raikage:...Damn you Shikaku more importantly what?!!
Shikaku: More importantly no one has seen him since! There are no reports of him appearing anywhere else on the battlefield or attacking any alliance ninja.

The Raikage and Tsunade look at each other with shocked expressions.

Raikage: Yes, you're right, if under the enemy control there would be no need to hold him back, we would already be suffering heavy losses at his hand.

Tsunade thinking: Minato, just what are you planning!!

Scene switch to naruto

Naruto is standing with his jacket off, he is breathing slightly heavily.
Minato is standing a little way off facing him looking as calm as ever with a smile on his face.

Naruto: so how long was I unconscious?
Minato: You were out for about 2 hours after I brought you here, though that did give me a chance to look around and do a little reconnaissance.
Naruto: so what did you find out?!
Minato:...a lot of what I already expected when i realised there was a war going on...and some which I hoped not to learn.
Minato: anyway that can wait for later, so i've seen what you can do in base mode, now show me your sage mode that you've been raving about.

Naruto forms the seals for the Kagebunshin jutsu
Naruto: well it's about time.

Scene switch to Madarra

He is standing in an open area surrounded by his paths.

Madarra thinking: ( I can't be sure but it seemed like I saw...)
I think I had better pay Kabuto a visit after all, if that really was the Fourth then Kabuto could be more troublesome than expected.

The paths suddenly shoot off as Madarra begins to warp away.

Scene switch back to Naruto

Minato is standing ready, he's breathing slightly faster himself now.
Minato: I can't believe you managed to complete the rasengan AND sage mode! And so many different variations too, ha that throwing one took me by surprise! You certainly have grown into a fine ninja naruto. At this rate you'll be a Kage in no time.

Naruto stands a little distance away panting heavily. A big grin crosses his face as he hears this.
Naruto: I've still not managed to touch you once though, I've known you were wicked but I never thought you'd be this strong!
Minato: hey I am your dad after all.
Naruto: You've not seen me in Kyubbi mode yet hehe
Naruto: but why can't we save the training for later, we could take care of Madarra easily with you on our side, let's go end this war now!
Minato:...No naruto, I won't be able to fight in this war and I can't defeat Madarra.
Naruto:?!! But you're the Fourth hokage, your the most badass hokage that ever lived!!
Minato: Naruto I've seen Madarra and what the rest of this war contains, I know what you're up against and as I am now I would not be able to help you win, at best I might be able to provide some support at worst I'd be captured and possibly even used against you.

Naruto: As you are now?! What...what's wrong with you?!

Minato sits down and motions for naruto to come sit next to him.
Minato: Naruto the Edo tensei technique that was used to bring my soul back is a permanent technique, it only dispels once the user releases you or allows you the freedom to move on your own, the user that brought me back did neither of these.
Naruto:...then how...
Minato: I learnt a lot from the Uzumaki clan and even more from your mother, I can honestly say that I might never have become hokage if I hadn’t met her.
Minato: I have seals placed on my body that me and your mother created, they stop me from being controlled by exterior forces.
Naruto: then you’re free to do what you want! You can help us win the war!!
Minato: No naruto I can’t, you see the seals technically don’t stop you being controlled but more allow you to override any control placed on you.
Naruto:…I…I don’t understand.
Minato: *Sigh* you can move pretty fast can’t you Naruto
Naruto nods his head in agreement
But how fast could you move if you physically had to move and place your legs with your hands?

Naruto looks up at his dad in surprise

Minato: You see I have to will every action that I wish to take to override the constant control of the edo tensei technique, which means I am currently slower than I originally was. I’ve seen Madarra too whilst you were unconscious, and he has certainly improved now that he has both the sharingan and the rinnegan in one body, if I fought him now I would certainly lose with my current handicap.
Naruto: He has the rinnegan and the sharingan?!!
Minato: yes, me joining the battle now would only cause more problems for the ninja alliance.
Minato: you see I could quite easily take out the few edo’s that are still out on the field, but against madarra my reaction speed would be too slow and also if I join the battle there is the possibility that the alliance army would get too complacent thinking they’d already won. It is best that this generation win this fight themselves.

Naruto: But I’ve not been able to land one punch on you this whole time and I’ve really been trying! Are you telling me your even faster than this?!
Minato: haha, yes much faster, also you’ve not been able to hit me because even though you have a wide variety of attacks your fighting style is pretty direct.
Naruto: what??
Minato: hehheh just like your mother. once I saw you fighting for a few minutes it was easy to figure out your fighting style, also your moves are too open and obvious and its quite easy to read your attacks once you know what to look for. I’ve been able to prepare my counters as soon as you try to move.
Naruto:!!?? Then what do I do?
Minato: Well since you don’t have a couple of years to gain experience and refine your fighting style I guess there is only one thing to do
Minato: I will pass on the legacy of the Uzumaki and Namikaze clans to the one person that can win this Uzumaki Naruto...son of the yellow flash!!!

Next Week: Inheritence
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