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Re: Naruto_557_Prediction/Spoilers_Discussion

Woody man, that was AWESOME. Its not always about the fighting, its the script and the dialogues you create between the characters that gives you the excitement and for more chapters. I always love reunions and cant wait for the next chapter.

If its possible and your willing to do it, i think you should do more chapters until you finish the subplot of minato, until he dissapears, you can call it the " return of minato arc" or something like that lol.

After minato helping naruto with his jutsus and fighting , It would be nice to see some other reunions like with:

Kakashi > (e.g. minato saves kakashi just in time from getting killed in battle or save him from a epic suicide jutsu kakashi about to perform)

Tsunade and Raikage> (bit of some nice cheesy dialogue between tsunade and minato, reaction and dialogues between raikage would be quite funny i think)

(One possible way to end minato is killed by sasuke in battle, for example after the meeting with raikage or tsunade, obviosuly minato aids in the war for battle startegies or whatever, after going in a mission by himself with some clever plan a plot against madara he come acrosses Sasuke, and sasuke kills him in battle.

When naruto finds out the truth, after some period of time, we see naruto and sasuke facing eachother for thier final battle with a bit of intense dialogues between naruto and sasuke about killing his father and other relevant conversations, then STOP! no need to write out the fight between sasuke and naruto.

sorry I just wrote how i would go with the story and just trying to give out some ideas and obviously you can make it so much better or in a different turning point and yeah lol i know I am asking for too much, but hey i am fan of your fictions. You obviously dont have to do it lol.
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