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Re: 558 prediction/spoiler

ok finally got something resembling a chap together

for those who don't know this a continuation from the 557 thread which has now been termed 'The return of Minato Arc'.
here is the link if you wish to read the previous to this.

‘The return of Minato Arc’
Naruto 560 & 561: Inheritance

Minato: Did Jiraiya sensei teach you any seals whilst you studied with him?
Naruto: He tried, but i just didn't seem to have the knack for remembering them, i kept getting them mixed up and end up writing some rubbish instead.
Minato: hahaha i guess you take after your father as well then, i used to be rubbish at seals too, until your mother taught me that is.
Naruto: haha was mum stronger than you?
Minato: well lets say she was the one ninja that could land a hit on me everytime, i was too afraid to dodge!! ok then that can wait till later. We will start with the first techique that me and your mum came up with together
Minato: the flying thunder god technique!
Naruto:!! the shunsshin jutsu! you mean i could do that?! Wicked!! i heard how you took out a whole army with that move.
Minato: hehe legends always do get exaggerated, it wasn't exactly a whole army but lets see if you can manage it.

Scene switch to Kabuto

You see Kabuto collapsed on the floor collapsed in on himself. Madarra walks out of the shadows you really have fallen.
He continues walking towards Kabuto he stands over him and teleports Kabuto into his other dimension.
Madarra: *sigh* to think you actually thought you could control the fourth…and now you leave me to clean up your mess…such a pain even in death, hopefully your corpse will provide some answers.
???: It’s not good to speak of the dead so Madarra!

We see a figure step out of the shadows, hi face shocks Madarra.

Madarra: Izuna!!!

Scene switch to Naruto

Minato walks over to naruto and holds out his arm in front of him. We see letters flow out from underneath his sleave and flow over his hand.

Minato: Naruto, the shushin no jutsu was a special seal I helped create with your mother, this is it on my hand
Naruto: ??!
Minato: The seal itself is a only one part of it,however it has a very important function. The people of the Namikaze clan excelled in a few things, the first thing was their exceptional chakra control and the second was their speed. In fact our chakra control and what we could do with it was so exceptional that it was actually treated as Kekai genkai.
Naruto: Kekai Genkai?
Minato: yes, your mother and my clan shared a similar fate, due to our skills and fame we were targeted. Many Namikaze clansmen were caught over the years and tortured so that other villages could learn their secrets...but no matter however many were caught or tortured, no matter how many were broken and revealed all they would no one else could replicate what we did.
Minato: It was for this very reason that we were eventually wiped out.
Naruto: Why??
Minato: A sharingan or byakugan could be transplanted, a jutsu or seal could be learnt and even a kekaki genkai user could be dissected for study but what the Namikaze did could not be replicated. This made us extremely dangerous and of no value to our enemies...and thus the Namikaze clan ended up dissapearing in the folds of history...even my knowledge of them is 2nd hand from the third.
Minato: Anyway enough of sad thoughts! I had already developed the flying thunder god technique before i met your mother but it was incomplete.
Naruto: Incomplete??
Minato: yes, you see the flying thunder god technique works by using my chakra as an anchor for example

Minato takes out two Kunai and throws one some distance away the second he drops at his feet.

Mianto: now each of those Kunai have my chakra in them and they are anchors for me. Now because i am stronger than the tiny amounts of chakra that rests in them i can stay here fine, but if i let myself go and let that one far away pull me

He dissapears in a yellow flash and appears to the Kunai he threw away
Minato: and if i now let the other one pull me
he dissapears again and stands right in front of naruto where the other kunai is planted into the ground
Minato: and if let them pull at me alternately...
he waits for a second and then starts flashing between the kunai back and forth

Naruto: Wow.
Minato appears next to him again

Minato: I wasn't called the yellow flash for no reason, the pull when it takes you is instantaneous you are effectively transported at the speed of light.
Naruto: Woow
Minato Smiles, ' I'm glad your'e impressed because i'm not going to teach it to you until you first tell me why it was incomplete without the shunshin seal i just showed you'.

Naruto looks at his father in surprise and then has a resigned look on his face, 'You know it's quite obvious that erosenin was your sensei too!!

Scene Switch to Madarra

Madarra: He brought you back?!!
Kabuto: no I didn’t kukuku
Kabuto: I was planning to keep him until after the war in case I needed to deal with you, however it seems like things didn’t go to plan kukukuku
Madarra: How?!!
Kabuto: Orochimaru’s soul transfer technique! It was not something I wished to use at any time, Orochimaru’s soul is a part of mine now, my previous body helped keep him at bay and from completely taking over…it will be much harder now!
Madarra: How dare you! You will die for this Kabuto!!
Kabuto: I think you forget who you’re speaking to Madarra, can you really afford to fight me now?!
Kabuto: I am still your ally and I promise once you are done with Sasuke I will transfer myself to him and return your brother to you.
Madarra:…You had better make yourself useful Kabuto otherwise your death will be more unpleasant than even you can imagine!

Madarra swirls away into nothing
Kabuto: Kukukuku next post

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