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Re: 558 prediction/spoiler

Originally Posted by Vishnu View Post
Naruto 559-561-The beggining of the end.

Scene shows Naruto

Naruto to himself: So that's how my body adjusted to the Kyuubi.'s like my head got cleared up. Like a weight was lifted from my brains. I can think more clearly now. Well it seems that i will have to make some preparations. I need to learn to control my chakra. And i need to learn that fast. And i think i know the right person to teach me that.

Panel is switched to HQ

Raikage to random sensor: Well? Where is that kid?*
Random sensor: It seems that he is going somewhere towards some mountains.
Tsunade: Mountains? Did he discovered some hideout?
Random sensor: I don't know Hokage-sama.
Raikage: Well then it seems that we will have to trust the brat.

Scene is switched to Kabuto and Itachi.

Itachi: Someone's coming!
Kabuto: So..he decided that he will confront me.
Itachi: Naruto!
Kabuto thinking: I will finally get my hands on the Kyuubi!
*Suddenly a shadow appears behind Itachi.
Kabuto: Uzumaki you've decided to confront me?
Naruto: No.
Itachi: Why are you here Naruto?!?
Naruto: For you Itachi. I need your help. And i need it fast! Let's go!
Kabuto: Not if I have something to say! He makes one handsign and throws from *his mouth snakes.
At the same moment he recieves a punch in the back from Naruto who is revealed behind Kabuto.
Kabuto: What tremendous speed!
Naruto: I don't have time for you right now!
Kabuto: Naruto you will not leave this place!
Naruto looks menacing at Kabuto: Oh,but i will.
Kabuto makes one handsign: Ninja Art! Darkne...
He is stoped by Naruto being in front of him and giving him a punch right in the chest making a hole. At the same time Kabuto starts to turn in hundreds of snakes leaving no evidence of his former body.*
Itachi: It seems that he escapes for now...let's go Naruto.

Scene is switched to HQ

Random sensor: Raikage-sama! hokage-sama! Naruto is coming this way! And he is not alone, he brings along Itachi Uchiha!
Raikage: Uchiha?!? Why him?
Naruto appearing in front of Raikage: Because he is the only one capable to help me. And i need you too Grandpa Raikage!
Tsunade thinking: What speed!
Raikage: You need me? What for?
Itachi appears too: He needs you to train him in chakra control. He needs you so you can augument his chakra precision.
Raikage: But that takes years! We don't have that time.
Naruto looking at Itachi who has his Mangekyou in his eyes: Actually we do have the time.
Raikage: I the Uchiha brat will trap us in a Genjutsu. But i don't trust him! He is and Edo golem!
Naruto: I trust him and he is not an ordinary Edo Golem! He broke put of Kabuto's control!
Tsunade: Is that true?!?
Itachi: It's true. Well then shall we begin?

Scene shows Raikage and Naruto caught in Tsukuyomi.

Raikage: What's the difference? The time flows in the same way. Why don't we train in the real world?
Itachi appears: The difference is that 1 second in the real life is equal to one day here. So if in the real life you stay under this jutsu for an hour, it's like you've trained for...
Naruto: Ten years, right?
Itachi: Exactly. So you're wrong Raikage. The time doesn't flow by the same principles here.
Raikage: But i don't get can you train under a genjutsu?
Itachi: Well it's all happening in your mind. And your brain makes the proper adjustments to the body like muscle growth, power increase, inteligence increase. It's like your immagination controls your body and mind growth.
Raikage as he turns his face to Naruto: Well, we have ten years brat! Let's do it! I will make a truly powerful shinobi of you!

Scene shows Mizukage and the ninjas at Daiymo's location.

Mizukage: Prepare yourselves! That thing will attack us soon!
Suddenly a giant black earth spike emerges from the ground killing several ninjas.
Mizukage makes a handsign: Lava release! Volcanic eruption!*
On the ground it's opened a giant hole from which lava get's up enveloping the earth.
Mizukage: That should bring him out.
From a tree behind Mizukage a shadow is released and the Black Zetsu with a spike attached on his hand, goes straight to her. She turns around and makes another handsign: Lava release! Volcanic sword!
A sword appears in her hand and she blocks an attack from the spike.
Zetsu: It seems that you're quite skilled. Nevertheless, you will still die here!*
He makes a handisgn and a swamp appears on Mizukage's feet.
Mizukage: Wha..!?! Dammit i can't move!*
Black Zetsu dashes towards Mizukage with the spike pointed at her.
Back Zetsu: You're dead!
Chojuro appears: *I wouldn't be so sure! Hiramekarei release!
He hits Zetsu with the hammer formed by Hiramekarei sending him in some rocks.
Chojuro: You will have to kill me before you get to Mizukage-sama!

Scene shows Bee arriving at the HQ.

Bee: What's goin on fools?
Tsunade: Your brother and Naruto. They are training.*
Bee: How! They're just standing there!
He notices Itachi standing there as well.
Bee: Oh, i get it. For how long they are doing this?
Tsunade: For almost an hour. There are ten minutes left. Itachi said that he will keep them there for an hour.
Suddenly the HQ receives a blow and it's violently shaking.
Bee: Whaa!?!
Tsunade with a serious look: So...they are here.
Tsunade: Everyone get your battle positions! The enemy is on to us! Protect Naruto, Raikage and Itachi from any interferences! Don't let anyone touch them!
She throws away her jacket and puts a forehead protector with the sign of the ninja Alliance on.
Tsunade: They will witness now why I was chosen the Fifth Hokage!*
Bee: Shit...these are...
The former Jinchuurikis are standing in a line looking at them.
Tsunade: At it seems that they have on Sharingan and one Rinnegan.Bee listen to me. This will be hard. The Rinnegan assures them a shared vision and with six Sharingans pointed at you they can predict your every movement. All we have to do is separate them and fight them one on one.
Bee: They are also the previous Jinchuurikis...
Shikaku: So basically if we try to attack them at once they will predict every movement we are going to make and they will all see that.*
Tsunade: Exactly. Well then, shall we begin?

Panel shows Naruto and Raikage.

Naruto is standing on his feet and Raikage is on one knee sweating a breathing heavily.
Raikage: That's it punk. You finally did it.*
Itachi: Raikage-sama. There is a half of a second remaing in the real world. That means that you still have a few hours.*
Raikage: Then I think it's enough.
Naruto: Enough for what?
Raikage: Enough for you to test the new power with Sage Mode.
Naruto: You're right! Let's do it!
Itachi looking with a smile on his face and thinking: Only if you could see him right now Yondaime...he surpassed you and he is mich more powerful then you ever hoped him to be!

Scene shows Shikaku lying down on the earth, Bee fighting Yugito, Roshi, Yagura and Han at the same time and Tsunade standing on her knees in front of Utakata.
They are all in a bad shape with their clothes ripped off and wi deep cuts on their bodies.

Utakata points a kunai at Tsunade.
Tsunade: Do it boy! Don't just stand there! Do it!
As Utakata is slowly retreating his hand in order to impale Tsunade she is thinking: At least I've protected the boy! *
Utakata goes for the slash but his hand is caught in the last second. A sillhoute in standing next to him.*
Naruto: I'm sorry...
He ripps off Utakata's arm and gives him a punch throwing him in some rocks. As Utakata is rising up Naruto is already behind him. Naruto grabs Utakata's head and decapitates him in one move. He looks back only to see Bee getting thrown down by Han.
In an instant he dissappears and the next panel shows all the previous Jinchurikis down on the earth all decapitated.
Tsunade: Na...Naruto! Is that you?!?
Raikage: It's him. I've made a true shinobi out of this brat.*
Naruto turns around: Don't worry Granny Tsunade...i've got this.*

Scene shows Kabuto at another cave

Kabuto: That brat nearly got me there! Anyway it's good that i've obtained this! -he makes one handisgn- edo tensei! Impure world ressurection!
A coffin emerges from the earth with the name - Toad Sage on it.
Kabuto: Now, let's see how you will do against your former master...Uzumaki Naruto.

Scene shows Kakashi bandaged and his division

Kakashi: That's it for the Seven swordsmen of the mist.*
Fodder sensor: Commander! I've just noticed a tremendous chakra coming this way!
Kakashi: Another one!?!
Suddenly a giant fire wave comes directly to them. As all of the ninjas dodge it and as Kakashi lands he looks in the direction from where the wave came.
Kakashi: No...impossible...not you!
A figure is standing in front of Kakashi. A person wearing a red vest, having a giant scroll on the back and white long hair.
Kakashi: Jiraya-sama!
Jiraya: Run Kakashi!!!

Naruto-561-563: Commander Hatake Kakashi.

It will come shortly. This is just the first one today. I plan to post at least one more.
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