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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 356

I'm getting even more excited about this arc !

Going to harbour a guess at possibly team ups.

Team Reborn and Team Colonello, simply becuase they both seem to be good friends, It's basically Tsuna's dad helping so cant imagine him fighting his son.

Team Uni and Team Reborn- just feels like a team up.

Possibly Team Skull might join Team Reborn, only suggesting this because its The Simon Family who are kind of indebted to Tsuna and the gang.

Team Verde - Can't imagine them teaming with anyone, although they will cause loads of rumours and stuff to try break the teams up.

Team Fon - No idea how its going still hope its Hibari though.

Team Marmon - No chance of Xanxus teaming with anyone, can actually see everyone teaming up to take him down cause of how dangerous he is.
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