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Re: Games and all things related

Originally Posted by LonelyNinja View Post
Not sure how to feel about ME3 co-op. On the one hand, fuck you EA for turning my BioWare games into casual shit. On the other hand, KROGAN SMASH.
I dunno... haven't read about it, but if they can make the game suitably difficult and you can get the entire team to carry out missions together (meaning having 9 players at a time), it could be good. I think the best thing they could do with this is have a similar level set up in co-op campaigns to the final mission in ME2 - multiple objectives so you actually have to break up teams to finish the level. But balancing that with a single player campaign is probably like having to make two games. So unlikely.

If it is just a co-op versus battle thing... then the only upside is Krogan death matches.

Originally Posted by Demi-God View Post
Edit 2: Shaun is a dick.
Shaun is English, right?
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