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Re: Crazy Theory?

Originally Posted by k-lai View Post
Your theory is good and all
But nagato had no way of being alive during hashi and madara's time cos he was a boy when J-man, tsunade and oro were in their prime
It is possible that Nagato was alive, or something of the sort. Think about it - when Edo-tensei is used, it brings back the person in the form that they were before they died (I suppose...) Edo-Madara looks as old as he did when he fought Hashirama... I didn't believe that Nagato was alive for that time period, but how else would edo-Madara know of Nagato?

Originally Posted by krurk View Post
For the billionth god damn time, Edo Tensei does not work when the soul is still in this world.
A bit early to call that, when we were just introduce to splitting.
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