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Re: Crazy Theory?

I understand the fact that anything is possible to to change, look at Tobi/Madara, while there are interesting points, its likely that Madara did live through the battle with Harashima and lived up until the time of Nagato. It is within reason that he thought Nagato had his body and used the revive jutsu to bring him back to life, and its very possible he knows who Tobi is. The only question is did he sanction Tobi to use his identity, and if not will he be the one to talk Sasuke down and tell him not to become a trader.
1. Naruto's act 1 was really good

2. Part Two started off alright, it introduced new characters and it continued to show the same potential, honestly, the story had a lot of promise up until the Pain Arc.

3. Pain Arc occurs and all Leaf ninja are revived after they were slaughtered, this started the failing of Kishi because he won't kill off main charcters.

4. Kage Summit was a tad disappointing simply because we didn't see any of the charcters that SHOULD have been introduced during the chuunin exams.

5. The War has been epicly disappointing because Kishi is killing off Edo's in a matter of one chapter when each edo (Kages, Swordsman, Nagato and Itachi) when they should get around 4 or 5 chapters of dedication.

Kishi started cutting the story shorter, his chapters have gotten shorter from 21 pages to 17 per week,

Now if you don't like this reasoning, you can simply go to another forum.
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