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Re: Crazy Theory?

Originally Posted by krurk View Post
The reason people "over react" is because you are making a theory out of something that is categorized by the manga as not possible. You cover a good point that we do not know about splitting, but the manga states the person must be dead. That is where people will tell you that its messed up, before you call people out on feeling "obliged" you can't even accept you theory has a huge hole in it.
Accepting my theory has a huge hole in it? I have already stated that this theory is just a THEORY - Open to discussion, and relies on so many things that have not been explicitly stated in the manga. We cannot really say what happened to one's soul when they split, and that's the assumption that is left in the air.

I am not right nor wrong at this point - It is just a prediction, of *possibilities* that based on Kishi's writing, could all be possible. It's possible that by some strange off-chance that Obito is actually Tobi - Would that make sense? No, but Kishi's story can go in any which way at the moment. I am only posing certain points, such as the link between Tobi's regret of losing Nagato because Nagato was supposed to use the Rinne-tensei on him, and Madara believing that he was revived by the Rinne-tensei.

It's just that you are all overreacting, when I myself, would deem this as a crazy theory- It's an unfounded prediction, just building bridges off certain points, and questioning possibilities of "Why didn't Hashirama check if Madara was dead?" or "Why is Tobi old, whereas Madara appears to be the same age as he was in his battle with Hashirama."

That being said, calm down people - I NEVER stated that this theory could be held to any standards, but listen to the points that I have brought up. The ONLY thing that I have stated is that Tobi can only be 1) Madara 2) A project of Madara's (like Zetsu,) or 3) some completely unknown Uchiha who was skilled enough to control the Kyuubi and fight the fourth Hokage.

The third one could be ruled out because any ninja of that caliber SHOULD have been mentioned, and that Uchiha wouldn't hold the knowledge that Madara has.

What other possibility is there for Tobi's identity? Tobi recognizes himself as being some part of Madara, whether it is Madara himself, or a project of Madara's...

Perhaps Madara escaped from the battle with Hashirama and created Tobi, giving him his own persona, along with the first hokage's cells gathered from the fight - Then it would be a question of how did Madara die, if not from old age? Plus Edo-tensei seems to bring people back in the form that they were around the time of their death, and Madara looked about the age he was during the portrayed fight with the First Hokage...
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