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Re: 561 prediction/spoiler

I promised that i will make one for the past chapter but i've lacked time. Well i've made one for this. Here it is.

Naruto 561: Brothers.

Scene shows a giant meteor going straight in the earth

Suddenly a figure appears in the middle of the shinobi army.
Temari: Uchiha Itachi! Attack him!
Naruto: No! He is on our side! He broke out of Kabuto's control.
Gaara: Naruto are you sure that we can trust him? He is an Uchiha.
Naruto looks at Gaara with sad eyes: So what if he is an Uchiha? It's not like he represents evil. That kind of thoughts made Sasuke the man he is today.
Tsuchikage: Stop arguing! What are we going to do!?!
Itachi as he looks at the meteor who is about to crash: Naruto Uzumaki. I entrust to you my brother's fate.*
Naruto: What are you talking about?!?
Itachi with a smile on his face: You will be a Hokage like none before you! Make the right choices Naruto. I entrust my dream and hopes to you!

Itachi suddenly activates MS in his eyes and shouts
Itachi: Susano'o! Totsuka Sword! God Slayer!
From Itachi's Susano'o a sword emerges and it hits the meteor with full power. The meteor desintegrates leaving a huge gap in the clouds in the sky.
As the dust clears people are witnessing Itachi who's body is slowly vanishing away.
Naruto: Itachi...
Madara shocked: That kid! If he had more chakra he would much better then i used to be. It seems that the next generations of Uchiha are even more powerful then i hoped.
Suddenly a sillhoute warps next to Madara.
Tobi: Wait until you see Uchiha Sasuke. He is just like you in your young days. He reassembles greatly your brother.
Madara: You! So you managed to go this far.
Tobi makes a handsign: Fuuinjutsu! Seal break technique!*
Tobi: Now the chains that tied you to the Edo Tensei are broked. Come with me.
Naruto: I won't allow you to leave! Fuuton! Rasen-shuriken!
The rasenshuriken goes straight to Tobi but Madara absorbes it.
Madara: Who are you brat?
Tobi: He is the Nine tails Jinchuuriki. Uzumaki Naruto. I will give you thendetails back at the base. Now let them deal with my six paths.
Suddenly the former Jinchuurikis appear onnthe battlefield.
Tobi: Let's go.*
He warps away with Madara.

Scene shows Mountain's graveyard.

Madara and Tobi are walking to the place where the demonic statue is.
Madara: You went this far...i assume that your plan is still ongoing?
Tobi: Yes. I have to capture the eight tails and the nine tails.
Madara: What happend to Nagato?
Tobi: Uzumaki Naruto defeated him.
Madara with a shocked face: He defeated the Rinnegan?*
Tobi: Nagato was very powerful. But he didn't fully mastered the Rinnegan. His weakened body and lack of proper training and knowledge didn't allowed him to do it.
Madara: And who is this Kabuto? Who gave him that mich intel?
Tobi: He is like a snake. But he was usefull in his own way.*
Madara: I've heard that you used my name in this war.
Tobi: Well nobody knows my real name and what it means. So i thought that your name is more useful. Is there a problem?
Madara: No.*
Tobi: I hope that you didn't forgot what happend.
Madara: I didn'

Scene shows Madara's flashbacks.

A young Madara is training with Izuna. They are both almost at the sma elevel of power but Madara manages to land a hit on Izuna.
Madara: You are getting better and better brother.*
Izuna: Well i had a good teacher

The panel is switched and we see a bild Madara angry.

Madara: My eyes! Dammit! What can i do to bring the light back into them!*
Izuna: I've deschipered the tablet brother.
Madara: What?!? How!?!
Izuna: I've looked at it with Mangekyou Sharingan. *You know that when we looked at it with normal eyes we didn't understood what was written. Then when we looked with Sharingan we understood how to obtain the Mangekyou. So i thought to give it a try and look at it with MS.*
Madara: What use for? I am blind right now!
Izuna: Right now. I've found a way how to bring back the light in your eyes. And you will gain new powers to.
Madara: How?!? Tell me Izuna!
Izuna: You won't like this...

Scene shows Madara in a room with Izuna . Izuna is atanding on a chair with a mask on his face similar to Tobi's previous mask.

Madara: Are you sure about this brother?
Izuna: Yes am sure. The Rinnegan will manifest into an Uzumaki. You will be revived. But in order for me tomregain my sight you must do it. In order for us to make the plan work you must sacrifice yourself. And it's temporarly anyway. I will being you back brother!
Madara: Don't forget that i trust you Izuna!

Scene shows the Valley of The End. Madara's body is lying down on the earth. He is dead.
Izuna appears next to him.*
Izuna: Brother...he makes some handsigns: Reveal!
From Madara's body a sphere emerges containg Hashirama's hair.
Izuna: With this i will make it work. Thank you brother. I will get you back soon.

Scene switched to present time*

Panel shows Mountain's Graveyard.

Madara: So you've managed to regain your sight. And you have an interesting ability.*
Tobi: All thanks to you.*
Madara: Now present me this Sasuke brat. I want to see what the next generation of Uchiha has.
A voice is heard.
Sasuke: I don't need him to present me.*
Sasuke appears in front of Madara.
Sasuke slowly turns his eyes to Tobi: You lied to me. You will pay with your life.
Madara: Calm down, child. My name is Uchiha Madara.*
Sasuke: Uchiha. Sasuke Uchiha.
Madara: I think that you and I Sasuke have a *lot of things to share don't you?
Sasuke: What do you mean?
Madara: Well...if you want to beat Naruto you will have to train with me!

Next chapter.

The forbbiden scroll.
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