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Re: 561 prediction/spoiler

A Special Presentation:

Naruto #261: Who I am…

As the huge boulder descends upon them, they are looking up in shock, awe and some fear.
Kabuto talking to Madara in his head: {this will be grand, I can end this war with your power and make me the only on standing!}
Naruto is looking at the boulder: {it isn’t speeding down it’s like he is distracted or …} He cancels Sage mode and goes RS. {that’s it!}
Gaara: “have you discovered something?”
Naruto: “no time!” He disappears.
Madara is standing atop a cliff, suddenly Naruto Is with him!
Madara turns his RG eyes to focus on Naruto.
Naruto holds his hands up: “hold it Madara-Sama, I am not trying to attack, I want to ask you a question.”
Kabuto {don’t listen, destroy him now!}
Madara: “What Is it boy?”
Naruto: “Why are you letting such bastard like that fake Madara control you or whoever is doing this Edo Tensei? You were one of the Leaf Villages first leaders, the great leader of the Uchiha Clan! Doesn’t make sense to me.”
Madara: “ I need explain nothing to you boy, but I am no one’s pawn.”
Naruto: “So why don’t you free yourself or do you really want to destroy what you helped create so much?! Your statue stands at the Valley of The End, in honor of two founders of the leaf village! I refuse to believe this is what you want!”
Kabuto:{shut him up! Or I will take control of you myself!}
Suddenly Madara looks at the boulder and it shatters into millions of pieces.
Madara: “I have shown you a bit of what I am capable of, but the boy is right, this is not who I am.”
He looks down at the Alliance, “I am not your enemy today, nor am I an Ally, this is NOT my WAR, this is not my time.”
He turns and walks towards Naruto.
Naruto Looks at him: “Thank You, Madara-Sama.”
Madara: “that was for myself not you, but let me tell you something that only those that can fully read the Uchiha Tablet know.”
Naruto steadies himself, he still isn’t trusting.
Madara, “The secret that was the reason for the slaughter of the Uzumaki village was that they were the product of Senju and Uchiha. They carried within them the potential to be more powerful then any one clan. That is why the Uchiha and Senju destroyed the village secretly.”
Naruto in shock: “What? Why are you saying this?!”{he isn’t lying, I can tell, this means..}
Madara, “yes You are the last of the Uzumaki clan that is known because the 1st Hokage ordered their destruction, I was not part of it, My brother Izuna made that call, shortly before he released his eyes to me. The legendary fight between me and Hashirama Senju was over this, I wanted to be Hokage to change the way it was heading. I didn’t to separate form any village. I certainly didn’t want to destroy our kinsmen. The Uzumaki were a symbol that Uchiha and Senju together can be great ninja!”
Madara suddenly grabs him: “I have told you enough clone, now the real you must know this.”
He sets him on fire with Amaterasu, he disappears.
Then Madara does hand signs: “Senju Technique: Edo Tensei control reversal!”
Suddenly we see Kabuto: “What is happening?!{you are full of yourself, You forgot the younger brother of Hashirama developed the technique, he also developed a method so that it wouldn’t be effect on a fallen Uchiha!”} But how, how did you…”
Madara: “sleep now, I sense two Uchiha, one risen like me, the other alive but full of hate. I must meet them.”
Kabuto falls asleep.
Across the battlefield we see Edos gaining control of themselves some attacking Zetsu some attacking the Alliance.

We see Naruto’s eyes in shock: “what?!”
He looks at Bee.
“I have canceled some of my clones, they are not as needed now, but we have a big problem…”
A voice, “Yes you do Kyuubi Jinchurriki.”
It is Tobdara with his Paths.

Next: 262, “the Key to the Uzimaki”
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