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Re: 561 prediction/spoiler

This is my prediction.

561 - The Terror That Is Madara

Uchiha Madara: Celestial Crush!!
Onoki: It's the end!
Multiple Alliance shinobis tremble: We... are hopeless...
Naruto: NO!! *Naruto remembers what Itachi said (every technique has a weakness) and remembers what they've done to Chibaku Tensei*
Naruto: Don't lose hope! Every technique has a weakness! We must focus all our long range attacks into that meteor!
Gaara: We should try. Lets go!!!

Scene shifts to Black Zetsu sending a report to Madara.

Zetsu: Kabuto already summoned him.
Tobi: This is getting bad. Our plans have been ruined because of that Kabuto.
Zetsu: Well, I want to finish that snake, but with the Godaime Mizukage's jutsu I can't escape that easy.
Tobi: Don't bother. Just focus on killing them. I will deal with the jinchuurikis as fast as possible.

Scene shifts to Division 4.
Gaara: ATTACK!!
Onoki: *I can't use my Dust Release at this state but this should do*
Onoki: Earth Release: Adamantine Spear!!
Temari: Wind Release: Concentrated Beheading Dance!! (Temari summons a concentrated wind in the form of a white weasel *the one she summoned against Tayuya*)
Dodai: Lava Release: Rubber Fist!
Naruto: Wind Release: Rasenshuriken!!!
Gaara: Desert Storm!! (releases a projectile of whirling sand)
Various division 4 shinobis also uses their long range attacks.

The attacks hit the meteor. The meteor is destroyed.

Uchiha Madara: Hmpf..that was a good one.

Onoki collapses.
Random Earth Shinobi: Tsuchikage-sama!!
Random Earth Shinobi 2: He ran out of chakra!! Take him to the medics immediately!!
Madara instantly appears behind the two shinobis and sliced their neck with a Wind blade.
Uchiha Madara: So you must be Onoki, my former fellow. I am impressed that you live this long.
Madara prepares to stab Onoki.
Uchiha Madara: But I guess this is the end.

A brief flashback of Madara, various Uchihas, Muu, young Onoki, and the First Tsuchikage fighting against Senju and Uzumaki's forces.
First Tsuchikage: So the Shodai Hokage is this strong to withstand my poison attacks.
The First Tsuchikage stands beside a large spider. Muu prepares his sword and Onoki making a handseal.
Shodai Hokage: Madara, please let us battle alone. I don't want others to be involved in this.
Uchiha Madara: Hmf.
First Tsuchikage: We should be able to handle Hashirama's forces now. Go now, I believe you can defeat him.
Young Onoki smirks at Madara.

Present Onoki half awake before the Wind Blade strike him.
Thinking: So I was working with the demon for a very long time.. Madara, Akatsuki.. I couldn't believe Iwagakure had fallen this low.
The wind blade pierces Onoki.
Gaara's sand didn't arrive at right time.

Gaara: Tsuchikage!! No!
Uchiha Madara: Sand? You must be the Kazekage. Sorry but I think your sand slowed down since you used too much chakra.
The smoke created by the crushed meteor worn out. Revealing many fallen shinobis around Gaara, Naruto, Temari, and Dodai.
Temari: When did this happen?! Too much death for a very short time?!
Uchiha Madara: Let me test. The power of the Kazekage.
Madara prepares a handseal.
Uchiha Madara: Fire Release: Hellbringer!
Pillars of fire rises around Gaara, Temari, Naruto, Dodai and Madara.
Dodai: So this flaming pillars won't let us escape.
Temari: I don't think we are only about that.
Gaara: This heat.. Is this Shakuton?!
Temari: Don't tell me he has that element too?!
Gaara: Looks like it.

Scene shifts to Tobi.
Tobi: Long time no see, Kyuubi kid.
The paths arrive behind Tobi.

End of chapter.

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