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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Even though nobody posted here for a long time i thought it's better to put it here rather then making a new thread.
It's another plot development made by me. Tell me if you enjoy it because if you guys think it's good i will make a continuation for it. Any critics are welcomed.

Naruto: The beggining of the end.

Scene shows an Unknown sillhoute standing on a hill looking at two mirrors. The first mirror shows Naruto talking with Kyuubi and the second mirror shows Sasuke with EMS pattern in his eyes.

Suddenly the mirror with Sasuke cracks and he no longer has his EMS but just a white sclera.

Unknown : Good. Everything goes just as I planned.The future looks promising.Eventually you will reach me Uchiha Sasuke. You will want your powers back. And i will wait for you. Because i'll make sure that you will lose your EMS.
He turns his face to the mirror with Naruto.
Unknown: Uzumaki's time to make you realise your role in this setup. It's time for you to unleash your potential and confront Madara. And soon, your heritage will be under my command!

Scene shows Kabuto standing in a cave .

Suddenly a shadow appears behind him giving him a kick. Kabuto is thrown a few meters away but he quickly regains his posture and makes a handsign.
Kabuto: Snake gun!
A snake emerges from the tip of Kabuto's finger towards the shadow.
Shadowed figure: Fire style! Fireball jutsu!
The fireball hits the snake killing it.
Kabuto: Uchiha you've made it here...
Itachi: Yakushi Kabuto, no other mortal have dared to summon the deads as you did. You will pay for this.
Kabuto: Maybe, maybe not...
Itachi as he activates MS: Susano'o!!
Kabuto makes a handsign and another pentagram appears with Kabuto in its center.
Itachi: What are trying to do?
Kabuto: I will tell you, the man who feared nothing, the infamous Uchiha Itachi, the true meaning of despair!

Scene shows Madara appearing on the hill with the Unknown figure next to him.

Madara: It's almost done...Raiden-sama.
Unknown voice: Good. You tricked them well with the Eye of the moon. Now, make that Yakushi kid to use his summon.
Madara: Yes master. I will force him if i have to.
Unknown voice: Probably you will have to.
Madara: It seems that your plan is coming to an end Raiden-sama.
Raiden: It seems so. This Uzumaki child...he remembers me of my brother...
Madara: Indeed. As far as you told me he has some similarites with him.
Raiden: The same foolish mind, the same amazing's like Sasuke is his brother. Opposed in everything...complementary...
Raiden: Resume your plan Madara.
Madara: What about you Raiden-sama?
Raiden: I'm going to Konoha.

Scene shows Naruto in his mind with the Kyuubi

Naruto: What did you do? Why am i here?
Kyuubi: Stupid brat! You thought you can use my power like that and keep going? There is a price for everything!
Naruto: Wha..what price?
Kyuubi: Your life! The more you use my chakra like that, the more you will be drained from your life energy! You will kill us both! You drain my chakras and you drain yours!
Naruto yelling: That's because you aren't going to help me!
Kyuubi: And why would i help you stupid brat? I want to be released not to be kept here forever!
Naruto: Then let's make a compromise! Let's make a deal!
Kyuubi: What deal? Let me free and i will listen to you.
Naruto: That's my intention nine tails. But first you will listen to me. I will let you free but first i need your cooperation to finish that technique.
Kyuubi: It's impossible brat! No man can use that technique. I thought you understood that the last time you tried.
Naruto: Some things have changed.
Kyuubi: So it's done ? You will let out of this your stubborness and you finally decided that it's time to forget words and use it?
Naruto: I think it's time to get serious about it. I will fight Sasuke and there is no other way.
Kyuubi: So if i give you the chakra to do it you will let me free?
Naruto: if you give me the chakra i will let you free.
Kyuubi: then it's a deal brat. I will keep my word. I hope you will do the same.
Naruto: I will! Many people have put their hopes into me ( he flashbacks Jiraya, kakashi, sakura, nagato, konan, itachi, minato and kushina) ! I will not fail them! I will beat Sasuke!
Kyuubi: Then open this cage and let me adjust your body to fit mine!
Kyuubi: But first,I will show you some of your history first.
Naruto: What do you mean?
Kyuubi: I mean that i will reveal to you the secrets of your inheritance.
Naruto: Do it!
Kyuubi: Then get ready brat!

The surroundings are switched to Konoha's begginings showing Hashirama Senju with Mito Uzumaki somewhere in the village.

Hashirama with a serious face: We defeated Madara...but i have a feeling that this isn't over. Like something doesn't fit.
Mito: What are you talking about? You killed him.
Hashirama: Before i've impaled him with my sword in the chest, just for a moment a had a feeling that he was smiling ironically...
Mito: You were in the heat of the battle, darling...
Hashirama: No...something deep inside me tells me that he is not dead yet.
Mito: Even if he managed to survive by some means he won't attack us yet...he is afraid of you.
Hashirama: Maybe he won't attack us in our lifetime...but who knows in the future? I have to leave something behind. Something for the next generation...

Scene switches again and it shows the Second Hokage as he orders his team to leave.

Tobirama: I will be the decoy, of course.
Next panel shows him fighting Kinkaku and Ginkaku

Tobirama: It seems that this is the end for you! Bringer of darkness technique!
Everyone is surrounded by darkness except Tobirama.
Tobirama: That should assure my escape...Anyway the scroll is safe with Hiruzen!
Unknown voice: I wouldn't be so sure, Second Hokage.
Tobirama: Who are you?!?
Madara shows up with a mask covering half of his face and long hair.
Tobirama:!?! But you should be dead!
Madara: Should be dead is not the same with being dead! Prepare yourself Tobirama Senju!

Next panel shows Tobirama uncouncious, held by Madara in the air with one hand and in the other hand, Madara has a sword.

Madara: Farewell Senju! He swings his sword decapitating Tobirama.

The scene is switched again and it shows a younger Hiruzen training with Orochimaru.
An ANBU appears behind him.
Anbu: Hokage-sama! Mito-sama is...
Hiruzen: Enough. I'm coming. Orochimaru go on with your training.
Orochimaru: Yes, sensei.

Next panel shows Hiruzen standing next to Mito who is old and in a bed.

Hiruzen: Mito-sama...
Mito: Hiruzen...these are my last words...listen carefully...
Hiruzen: Don't talk like that!
Mito : I've said that you must listen closely. My husband, Hashirama and my brother in law, Tobirama...they've left behind a scroll...a scroll containg the most secret and powerfull jutsu known to us. Protect that scroll with the price of your life. There will come one day when you will make use of it.
Hiruzen: Mito-sama, i know that you have the gift of seeing glimpses of the future...but why would i need "that" jutsu?
Mito: I've saw that one day a boy with the power to control the kyuubi will have it. And he will use it to destroy our greatest enemy...
Hiruzen: Our greatest enemy?
Mito: His knowledge has been passed down from Hokage to Hokage...since my husband and Tobirama are not here i will tell you...Uchiha Madara...he is still alive. And there will come one day when his ascension to power of the gods will be near complete...we must stop him!

Next panel shows and old Hiruzen talking with Jiraya. Behind the door is seen Kushina as kid hiding.
Hiruzen: And that's what she told me. What do you think?
Jiraya: I think she was right. The signs are bad, master. I've heard that the Mizukage, Yagura is controled by someone. And every now and then people can see glimpses of in his eyes of a red pattern with three tomoes...
Hiruzen: The Sharingan...
Jiraya: I will watch over the scroll too, if you will ever fail master.
Hiruzen: Let's hope that the day will never come.

Scene is switched again to Minato as Hokage. He is in a room with Kushina, Hiruzen and Jiraya.

Hirzuen: You understand Minato? That's what the previous two Hokages left behind for us.That's your duty as the Fourth Hokage!
Minato: I understand Sarutobi-sensei.
Jiraya: I will help you Minato. We must find a way to use "that" jutsu if the need arises.
Hiruzen: I put my faith in you two.

The scene is switched again to an older Hiruzen talking with Jiraya standing over a baby Naruto.

Jiraya:I can't belive Minato is dead!
Hiruzen: Do you was him?!?
Jiraya: I wasn't a match for Minato, Sarutobi-sensei...he surpassed me a long time ago...i think that only Madara could do that. Minato was aware of Mito-sama's prophecy...about a boy wielding the power of the Kyuubi. I think that's why he sealed the Kyuubi inside this child.
Hiruzen: Turn back when he grows Jiraya. Take care of him. Initiate him in the first steps of "that" jutsu.
Jiraya: Why won't you do it?
Hiruzen: Oh, my chakras are not what they used to be...also i think that i don't have that much time...I think that Orochimaru will come back after me!
Jiraya: I will stop him!
Hiruzen: No! That's between me and him! You will take care of the boy...he has nobody left..
Hiruzen speaking to himself: Uzumaki Naruto...are you the destined one?
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