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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Naruto: Commander Hatake Kakashi.

Scene shows Kakashi deeply injured and held in the air by Jiraya. All the other ninjas from his division are dead.
Jiraya: I'm sorry Kakashi...i didn't want to do this...
Kakashi: Jiraya..sama...
Jiraya throws down Kakashi and makes a handsign and he disappears.

Suddenly a figure appears at Kakashi's side.
Kakashi: Na...Naruto...
He receives a kick in his chest sending him a few meters away.
Sasuke: All you can say as you are almost dead is that loser's name? I'm mad that someone else got here Before me. I wanted to kill you. Nevertheless it's enough for me to be the one who finished you.
Kakashi slowly makes two handsigns: Sealing jutsu! Memory transfer!
Sasuke is instantly in front of him and he cuts Kakashi's both hands.
Sasuke as Kakashi is in pain: What was that jutsu? What did you do?
Kakashi with a whispered voice: You have fallen're no longer the student I had...
Sasuke impales him with a sword in the chest and Kakashi spits a considerable amount of blood from his mouth.
Sasuke: Stop with that shit! I will erase...
As Sasuke shouts Kakashi can't hear him anymore. He looks at his face and sees him as the kid he was in team 7.
Kakashi thinking: I never thought it was going to end this way...i'm sorry everyone...finally, dad, Obito, Rin, master...i'm coming home..i've struggled enough in this world...i leave the rest to you...Uzumaki Naruto...

Scene shows Naruto, Itachi, Raikage and Tsunade standing in front of HQ.

Tsunade: So you've finished your training Naruto?
Naruto: Yeah and i've finally maste....he suddenly has a shocked face.
Raikage: What happend brat?!?
Naruto with a sad voice: Kakashi-sensei....he..
Itachi: I'm going! Bee come with me!
Bee: Sure thing fool!
The two men are dashing towards Kakashi's location.
Suddenly a white energy ball emerges from the earth and hits Naruto and he falls down to the ground uncouncious.
Raikage: Brat!?!
Tsunade: He is alright Raikage. That was Kakashi's technique. It's a memory transfer technique. I think he has something to say to Naruto.

Naruto is shown in a room where a man reassembling Kakashi is hanging himself.
Naruto: No don't ! He tries to stop the man but he phases through him.
Naruto: What the!?!
Kyuubi inside of Naruto: Stop it runt. You're just a spectator to this. You can't do anything.
Naruto: But!?!
Suddenly a door is opened and a small kid looking just like Kakashi sees the hanged man.
Kid Kakashi screming: Noooo!!! Daad!! Nooo!

Scene is switched and Naruto sees the moment when Obito gave his eye to Kakashi.

Obito: Kakashi take care of Rin...
As the rocks fall on Obito's body Rin starts screaming.
Kakashi: There is nothing we can do....let's go Rin...

Scene is switched again and Naruto sees Kakashi with tears in his eyes in front of Minato.

Minato: I'm sorry Kakashi...Rin is...
Kakashi shouting: NO!! Who did it?!?
Minato: Orochimaru did it...she was kidnapped by him to use her in an experiment. The third tried to save her..but it was too late..
Kakashi: Where is Orochimaru!?!
Minato: He fled...
Kakashi: NOO! He has mangekyou Sharingan in his eye.

Panel shows now, Naruto spectating The Third Hokage, Jiraya and Kakashi

Hiruzen: So...he gave his life in order to protect the boy...
Kakashi: Minato-sensei...
Hiruzen: I trust you Kakashi that you will take care of the boy when he grows up.
Jiraya: I will also take care of him when he is old enough.
Kakashi: I promise, Hokage-sama...

Scene is switched again to Kakashi finding Naruto at the Valley of the End.

Kakashi thinking: I know that you fought bravely, Naruto...but Sasuke's hatred was too much to beat..there will be one day when you will get powerfull enough to beat him...Kakashi's eye has Mangekyou in it.

Scene shows present Naruto again

Naruto slowly rising up: So that was your life Kakashi-sensei...
Tsunade: He is dead isn't he?
Naruto: Yeah...
Random sensor: Raikage-sama! hokage-sama! Some misteryous monstrous chakra is coming this way!
Raikage: Who is it this time!?!
Tsunade stares in shock as she says : I recognize this's him!
Jiraya appears in front of everyone.
Naruto: Ero sennin!?!
Jiraya: Yeah, Naruto that Kabuto brat brought me back. I don't want to do this! I'm sorry!

Scene is switched to Sasuke

Sasuke is looking at the dead body of the former jonin and Commander Hatake Kakashi.
Sasuke: In the end you were just another loser who died in front of me.
Itachi and Bee arrives at the scene
Itachi: Brother...that low you have fallen...
Sasuke: What is this? Itachi!!! What trick is this?!?
Itachi: There is no trick Sasuke. Kabuto summoned me via Edo Tensei. But I've breaked out of his control.
Bee: Yo! Uchiha fool!
Sasuke: You! You tricked me back there. You will pay for this!
Itachi: Bee...i didn't expect to encounter Sasuke here, go back to HQ. I will handle the things here.
Bee: Sure bout that ?
Itachi: Of course. Now go!
As Bee rushes back to HQ Sasuke looks to Itachi with hate in his eyes.
Sasuke: you're back. Then you will be happy to hear that i'm on the quest to avenge you and reabilitate the Uchiha name.
Itachi: By killing everyone related to Konoha? That's your quest? The one of a sadistic monster?
Sasuke: You could never understand...
Itachi as he activates Susano'o: Neither do you...i'm sorry Sasuke...i will make sure here...that there will be no next time for you.
Sasuke as he activates Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan: You think you can kill me brother?
Itachi: Kill you? No i don't want that. I have something else planned for you!

Scene shows Mizukage and her team

Most of the ninjas are lying dead in front of Dayimo's house. Chojuro is uncouncious. And Mizukage is injured and she has her right arm severed.

Black Zetsu: I told you. Don't underestimate my power.
Mizukage thinking: Such a beast...
Zetsu: You're ready to die?
Mizukage: Even if I die here, you won't win this war!
A spike suddenly emerges from the earth, impaling Mizukage directly in the chest. Her face has a shocked look on it but she manages to make a smile before as the blood slowly comes out of her mouth.
Black Zetsu: Why do you still smile? You smile in front of death?
Mizukage raises her left hand making a handisgn.
Black Zetsu emerges behind Mizukage.
Black Zetsu: I'm the land itself! You cannot protect from me! There is no way for you to be able to protect yourself. He makes a handsign: Emerge!
Several other spikes emerges from the earth thrusting into Mizukage. But her face still retains her smile.
Mizukage with her last powers turns around and smiles to Black Zetsu.
Mizukage: You're dead...Lava release! Suicide eruption!
Mizukage and Black Zetsu are enveloped in a huge explosion. As the dust clears we can see Black zetsu blown into pieces and Mizukage's body on the ground.

Scene is switched back to HQ

Naruto: Ero-sennin!?!
Jiraya: Look at you've grown into a such fine shinobi. Just as i would like my grandson to be.
Naruto: I don't want to fight you Ero-sennin.
Jiraya: You will have to do it.
Naruto: Why didn't you take me with you ?!? Why did you had to go alone?
Jiraya: Shut up! It was for the village. I couldn't risk your life in my fight!
Naruto shouting: Why? Why couldn't you? It's not like i could have died!
Jiraya: Yeah it's just like that! You would got killed that day too! And it was for Konoha's sake that you would survive!
Naruto with a sad voice: Because Konoha would lose her advantage if Kyuubi got captured right?
Jiraya: Are you an idiot? Because Konoha would lose her chance at getting the best Hokage that it will ever be! Now get ready! Kabuto is making me attack you!

Naruto: I'm sorry Ero-Sennin...i get it now...
Jiraya: Naruto...kill me!
Jiraya dashes towards Naruto. He is already in Sage mode.
Jiraya: Ultra-Big-Ball-Rasengaaan!!!
Naruto stands in front of Jiraya calmly waiting for the jutsu to hit him.
Tsunade: Narutooo! Go away!!!
As the Rasengan hits Naruto a huge explosion sets up devastating the surroundings. As the dust clears up we can see Naruto unscatted from the blast.
Jiraya amazed: The jutsu didn't touched you?!?
Naruto: It did. You see...i've trained ten years in the Tsukuyomi with Grandpa Raikage...also i've got the Kyuubi synchronized with me. I've also learned then Sage Mode...also i got a very fine control over my chakra. Grandpa Raikage taught me how to release chakra out of my body at the same power as the enemy's attack. So my chakra just negates your attacks. And with the limitless source of chakra that Kyuubi provided me...i have the perfect shield.
Naruto: Now it's my turn to attack...
Naruto takes a stance with his hand pointing at Jiraya.
Jiraya: Do it kid...
Naruto: Raaaaaseeennnn!!!!!
A beam of blue energy goes from Naruto's hand hitting Jiraya at full force destroying his body beyond edo regeneration.
Tsunade amazed: Wasn't it Rasengan?
Raikage: Rasengan is a close range technique...but's a beam of his chakra send directly to your's the same principle just that he added the push to the Rasengan.
Naruto watches as Bee lands near him.
Naruto: Bee what happend?
Bee: It's the Uchiha fool! He is fighting Sasuke alone! I think Sasuke killed the Sharingan dude!
Naruto to himself: went that far? Kakashi Sensei...
Naruto looks with a shocked face and suddenly he disappears in a cloud of smoke.
Tsunade shouting: Naruto!!!

Scene shows Raiden standing on the top of Konoha's mountain.

Raiden: It's time to unleash Naruto.
He makes two handsigns and starts an incantation.
Raiden: From the divine skies and from the pegan earth make a bond that will bring the chaos upon reality...VARUUN!!!
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