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Re: 561 prediction/spoiler

Start part two:

Bee is barely able to act and parry this attack but makes it. Sasuke though keeps on attacking fast and Bee takes a good chunk of hits. They aren’t too serious but they hurt a bit. “Youch, you know that hurt?” Sasuke doesn’t answer to this and keeps attacking. Bee has not the time to get his other swords right now and so he keeps evading attacks to prevent sever hits. “Well octo, seems we have not much of a choice anymore.” “Yeah, thanks. All just because you lazy rap-ass wouldn’t move in time. At least be on guard now. A small burst from my Chakra should give you enough time to draw your weapons so be ready.” Said and done and the moment Sasuke has a bit distance be takes out his other swords and now he fights a bit more even. Sasuke attacks him like a machine and Bee can’t land a single hit. Sasuke rather plays with him than fight him serious and he doesn’t need to anyway. However, Bee is good enough to prevent the killing hit at all. “Help me out, will ya?” “Don’t waste it Bee.” “Bijuu mode should be enough to get him.

Bee goes into Bijuu mode and additional to his swords attacks with the tails as well. In this phase Sasuke needs to dodge a bit and is drawn into defense but really effective is it not. A big fireball flies towards Bee but his cloak can stop it and his raging climbs up. The battle accelerates in speed and wherever Bee hits, chunks of ground get crushed. Rocks offer a stopping point where Sasuke can initiate the next sword rush. Bee on his parts starts to predict Sasuke’s straight forward attacks and his proud to not use Sharingan on an inferior enemy like Bee already costs him some hits. “Fire Rain” and he spits fires, like a volcano does from time to time, into the air and let it rain down on Bee. The damage is minor and most likely rather used for distraction to prepare an attack or retreat so it made Bee laugh and taunt at him. He reacts like a stone and just continues. He has a plan. With the many small fires around burning Bee is a bit restricted in his movements but nothing to major. Sasuke on his part attacks Bee and unknowing, Bee is lead into a position where he is surrounded by most of the flames. “Hellfire Bird” and from all this flames some and then more and more small balls of fire climb in the air and float around him. Bee tries to see as many as possible since he expects one of the flames start to attack him somehow. Then not one but many flames go after him and he can’t defend against all of them, even his cloak doesn’t help him much. Some hit him and others get reflected by his sword. So far he keeps up good but the flying fireballs won’t vanish or decrease, in fact they multiply and he can’t do shit to defend against all expect aimless defend. He does well by chance but soon realizes, not all of the flames have a body. Soon after in a random number a glimpse of Sharingan is seen in the flames and he gets the confirmation, it is a Genjutsu enhanced Jutsu. Not much time goes by until he reacts to that and ignores the ones with Sharingan. It works well at first but later he sees, he fell for another trick. Sasuke planned it all along and implemented more and more image to trick him. In this situation Bee is back to the beginning. After some more hurting hits he gets input from Hachibi. “Bee, come on, if this continues we both lose. Listen…” “What are you talking about, I’m full in control. There is nothing to worry about; I just wait for the right moment to strike…” “…. Yeah, of course… now listen. Try to spin around in a circle and then jump. The vacuum create through this should allow you to escape this trap. With all this fire around he can’t possible see you and that is your chance to strike.” “Fine, just that you shuddup...” Surprisingly it works and he lands behind Sasuke to land some strikes. It is fast and he takes quiet a amount of them until his reaction follows and in this moment Bee lands the fatal hit Sasuke turns out to be a Lightning clone. Meanwhile and without knowing Sasuke stands a bit away from Bee and puts on a Amaterasu arrow on Susanoo. Seems Bee bored him enough to drive him to fast ending this now. Unknowing it is a direct line between Sasuke and the meteor he knows not of where he wants to shoot. The arrow becomes quiet big and that fast. Fast as that and with the big hit box it flies at Bee. There is no way he can entirely dodge it and so the hit takes place, if not his entire body. “You lose. My flames will now burn up you chakra and you either die or get collect by Madara’s goons what doesn’t concern me. Next time you better listen to the hate. Now this alliance will fell my wrath on the world.”

The Amaterasu arrow he shot flies further and directly to Madara’s meteor. He does not see it coming in time but even if, the meteor would probably be too big to move away fast enough to prevent a hit. It just would give another impact zone. The Ninja below don’t see it coming from their position besides, the look is locket at the meteor anyway so there is a real surprise as it crushes into it and destroy much of it. It still is ridiculous big but not as big as before but it still would destroy the army. Moments later Oonoki’s Jutsu is hitting and destroys even more of the meteor. However, as he though it is not enough to get rid of it. In fact it destroyed even less then he thought he could. Now many chunks of it cover an even greater impact zone with no less destructive power and everything seems lost. “I… couldn’t protect them in my old age and now I have even more regrets when dying. What pathetic old geezer with a bad back am I…” Everything goes now black for him.

Something within Naruto, something deep within Naruto, even deeper than the Kyuubi reaches something awakes in reaction of the imminent catastrophe. Something locked up (sealed) in secrecy ages ago by the Uzumaki clan and inherited by a meanwhile unknown body so no one can ever find it again and accessible through unknown means. A power that is so massive, it may not allow to be on this world, not even with someone who can control it. Just the spark of power that comes out is enough to make the nature react to it. The earth is shaking and the trees are bending. Black storm clouds darken the sky and the stormy wind that all of a sudden came up from the dangerous silence blows the front Shinobi far back. Then, a giant outburst of Chakra pulverizes the remaining chunks of the meteor and covers the battlefield in a mountain high dust cloud. Behind the curtain of dust something is hidden…

Kabuto and Tobi from their current can witness the picture from their high ground, away from the battlefield. Tobi is curious but in Kabuto’s face a greedy and knowing look appears. “Now show me…”

Next issue: When heaven meets hell
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