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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
I have trouble giving credibility to any protest without a stated common goal. These "Occupy" protests just seem to be a bunch of people with misplaced anger using Wall Street as a scapegoat. I understand that many people were financially hurt by that whole sub-prime mortgage bullshit a few years ago, but I don't think I have heard one protestor specifically mention that. It's all been complaining about the balance of wealth distribution and demanding jobs and such; nothing really getting to the root of the problem. That problem seemingly being "our Capitalist society has too much Capitalism in it."
Well, considering one of the big drivers of the sub-prime mortgage were banks that were allowed to practice shell games with money, willingly saddling people with debt that they'd never see the end of and who do a lot of business on Wall Street... it isn't so far off the mark, truly. There never should have been the situation of allowing people to buy what they never could afford - and before you go calling them stupid, you try to say no when a bank is bending over backward to give you the money and you want a roof over your head and a yard for your kids to play in. In the end, despite the collapse, the bank owners still got rich and everyone else got screwed. Such practices should never have been allowed, particularly when there were a lot of warning signs about it that no one listened to.

The subsequent "Occupy EVERYTHING" protests with no goal are kinda stupid though.
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